06 April, 2020

Book to buy: Unrestricted Warfare

What is going on? WAKE UP AMERICA!

News release today from European Commission
Coronavirus: Chinese aid to the EU delivered to Italy. 
The EU has put international cooperation at the forefront of its response to the Coronavirus. Following an agreement reached between President von der Leyen and Premier Li Keqiang last month, a donation of protective equipment from China to the European Union has now arrived in Rome, Italy. We are grateful for China’s support and, as President von der Leyen stated, we need each other’s support in times of need. The EU and China have been working together since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. In February, the EU already delivered 56 tonnes of equipment to China”, said Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management. The Chinese plane delivered 2 million surgical masks, 200,000 N95 masks and 50,000 testing kits to Italy.
The Netherlands, Belgium and other countries have sent back some Chinese masks, test kits and medical equipment as they seem to be (deliberately) so unfit they are 'rubbish'. China is also demanding payment for equipment donated by Italy when China was dire need. China, of course, gave Italy the CoronaVirus for free.

China says that its industry is now up and running again. It is ready to exploit this huge advantage.
Today I ordered a book called UNRESTRICTED WARFARE, It is written by two Chinese military generals, back in 1999. It is considered to be the major work on Chinese strategy. For many years only available in Chinese. 
It is a strategy about how to defeat and conquer USA.
Key idea: Fight the fight that fits one's weaponsChose your weapons first, then chose the battlefield. China's enemy is fighting the war with updated models of how they fought the last war. For example Russia has airplanes that can outclass USA and far outclass China. Should China worry? War can work on quite different dimensions and battlefields including disruption of its civic unity. What is high technology? Biotechnology can render it useless.
Second key idea: In war there are no rules, even though the enemy thinks there are. USA believes in the Rule of Law and the UN resolutions it helps pass.
What has happened now? China is back on its feet. The West is still in a chaotic condition. Industries are stopped. Till when? Economy is in ruins of debt. People are arguing about keeping 6 feet apart. They are getting angry staying at home all day. The media is blaming the leaders such as Trump.
The media is China's best ally. I published three articles on Covid-19 and EU on my websites eurdemocracy.com etc and there is no trace of them or articles posing similar questions using Google. 
The English language version of the book is subtitled WAKE UP AMERICA! The edition was published in 2017.

05 April, 2020

Covid-19: Is there a Priority Search for a Cheap Therapeutic?

My second question to the European Commission on Covid
To combat Covid-19, President Trump and other leaders have recommended use of anti-malaria drugs such as hydroxychloroquines, Azithromycin and Zinc sulphate. These are known and used for decades and are well tested products. The US Dept of Health (HSS) and is now recommending their use. Is the EU doing the same?
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 18.29.14.png

We are aware that Chloroquine is traditionally used for malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. We are also aware that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are used ‘off-label’. We also know that in the EU trials are underway regarding the use of chloroquine. The European Medicines Agency, EMA, state that the efficacy of chloroquine in relation to Covid-19 patients has not to date been proven. While the pandemic spreads with great speed, robust clinical trials should remain the gold standard here. They are most likely to generate conclusive evidence that is needed to enable rapid deployment and approval of potential treatments of the virus disease. Clinical trials are a national competence. However we continue to explore with the EMA .possible joint clinical trials at the EU level to scale up evidence of any promising therapeutics.”

Off-label‘ refers to drugs that have been produced and tested but doctors use them for different purposes than originally intended. Some were introduced long ago, like the use of malaria drugs against Covid-19, and are now very cheap. Doctors know how they should be used and what the side-effects are. American Medical Association vice president Roy Schwarz estimated that “off-label” uses of drugs account for up to 60 percent of all drugs prescribed.
So why aren’t anti-malaria drugs that have been used for decades and have proved to be effective in now thousands of cases being supplied to doctors for use to patients in dire need of relief from Coronavirus? One factor is the economics of drugs. Anti-malaria drugs cost cents rather than dollars or thousands of dollars. A second factor is that a vaccine has higher profits for the big Pharmaceutical firms. A vaccine is likely to take a year or two to develop with control tests.
The Chinese have done small-size control trials for anti-Covid-19 malaria drugs with very positive results and symptoms ‘significantly relieved.’
Why isn’t there more wide-spread use of these drugs especially for those in intensive care? Is the medical bureaucracy being too cautious when, for many patients, it is a matter of life and death? Over-regulation is a general problem of the American and European drug system. Is red tape strangling patients?
Stanford University professor Dale Geringer observed, “In terms of lives, it’s quite possible that the FDA bureaucracy could be killing on the order of three to four times as many people as it saves.” One study estimated that 150,000 heart attack victims may have lost their lives as a result of the FDA’s delays in approving the emergency blood-clotting drug TPA. National Cancer Institute officials accused the FDA of being “mired in a 1960’s philosophy of drug development, viewing all new agents as…poisons.

Follow-up question to the European Commission

On the use of anti-malaria drugs that some doctors have shown to be very effective for hundreds of patients with Covid-19, the EU says more robust control tests are needed. These tests are the competence of Member States. European control test may be initiated.
Which States are conducting trials?
When are results expected?
Have Europe-wide control trials been organised and what is the plan?
European Commission written response
I draw your attention to the fact that the European Medical Agency has issued a statement yesterday regarding chloroquine and hydroxochloroquine (link: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/covid-19-chloroquine-hydroxychloroquine-only-be-used-clinical-trials-emergency-use-programmes). The Agency confirms that efficacy of these substances in treating corona is yet to be shown in studies.
We are aware that trials are ongoing at national level regarding the use of chloroquine in the context of the coronavirus, e.g. in Norway, Germany and France
When it comes to potential treatment for COVID-19, we need robust clinical trials to generate the conclusive evidence needed to enable rapid development and approval of potential treatments and to ensure safety and efficacy.
Clinical trials are a national competence. However, we continue to actively pursue with EMA possible joint clinical trials at EU level to scale up evidence on any promising therapeutics.

Covid-19: Lethal Fake News from 'Chinese' WHO?

Follow-up question to European Commission

As mentioned in my question of 30 March, the WHO tweeted on 14 January that it followed the Chinese authorities in saying Coronavirus was not transmissible to humans. This was lethal fake news and led to many deaths. Chinese doctors who wanted to present the facts like Dr Ai Fen of Wuhan hospital have ‘disappeared’ as have their research conclusions.
Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Aso Taro says that WHO should be renamed the Chinese Health Organisation and points out that Taiwan took intelligent measures to stop the spread of the contagion.
Although the details are murky, the previous Director General of WHO (Dr Margaret Chan) was a Chinese national and at the time there were complaints all around. Now in the East, the petition (charging her with inadequate accountability) has gathered 300,000 or rather 500,000 signatures. The World Health Organisation should change its name. It should not be called the WHO. It should be called the CHO, the Chinese Health Organisation. … The present Director General is no better for giving in to Chinese spin about the Coronavirus. Earlier on if China had not insisted that it had no pneumonia epidemic, everyone would have taken precautions. The WHO which is a global organisation does not even include Taiwan. And precisely because Taiwan is not a member of the WHO, it becomes a world leader in fighting the epidemic. Then after that statement is made, the Chinese Communist Party corrects it, saying Taiwan is not a country; it is a region.”
Japanese Deputy PM Aso Taro condemns ‘Chinese’ WHO
EU Commission President von der Leyen recommended on Tuesday that Europeans should follow the advice of WHO. Don’t Europeans deserve a more unbiased source of advice? How can they get this?
Commission reply

The Commission has always insisted on the importance of a science based approach of our response to the Corona virus. The Commission therefore relies on the advice and recommendations of the scientific community, including the World Health Organisation, the ECDC but also the advisory panel of scientists established by the President.”

01 April, 2020

Coronavirus: WHO is behind viral Fake News?

My question to the EU Commission:
Coronavirus 19 broke out in Wuhan, China in November 2019.
What does the EU research conclude about its origin? Is it natural or artificial? The Chinese reports have proved unreliable. (See WHO Tweet). China blames the USA. https://qz.com/1817736/china-fuels-coronavirus-conspiracy-theory-blaming-us-army/

Chinese Spokesperson Zhao Lijian tweets that the USA brought Coronavirus to Wuham in October 2019 during the Military Games.
The WHO tweet of 14 January 2020 denied that the virus was contagious for humans. This was based on Chinese data. (The Chinese were already destroying evidence to the contrary!) The origin of the virus? China blamed bats as food, not the high security Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Then Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian tweeted that it might be the US military that brought the Coronavirus to Wuhan during the October 2019 Military World Games.
That in itself reveals a massive secret about the origin and spread and specifically who is to blame for today’s global problem.
As with a plane crash, investigation is important for the public to know how this incident occurred so that such an event can be avoided in the future.
Why do so many officials want to hush up this question of governmental responsibility, while admitting that airline firms need to go through the same process when accidental manslaughter is concerned? Are governments, including Communist governments, above the law?
As Honest Broker for European Member States the European Commission is supposed to be impartial and seek out the truth for European citizens.
The first thing I obviously would like to stress here is that the Commission continues to follow the advice of the WHO and the ECDC, the European Centre for Disease prevention and Control. Both WHO and ECDC indicate that on 31 December 2019 a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause was reported in Wuhan, China. On 9 January 2020 the Chinese authorities reported a new Corona virus as the cause of the outbreak. This being said, the Coronavirus pandemic is a global pandemic. We are talking about viruses here. Viruses do not have nationalities. These viruses do not respect borders. What is important here is global cooperation and international solidarity to combat the threat and mitigate the short- and long-term impact of the virus. Apportioning blame will not help a single person. As the EU, we are focusing on helping our citizens and people and countries in need. Regarding transmission, at this stage it is not possible to determine precisely how humans in China got infected. More research, which is on-going, will help us determine this. It is just announced that the Commission is providing €40.5 million for 18 projects to advance our understanding of the Coronavirus and to contribute to more efficient clinical maintenance of patients infected with the virus and contribute to public health preparedness and response to the outbreak.
Let’s examine the implications of this answer.

The Chinese notified WHO on 31 December. But before this there were dozens of cases.
Here is the chronology from the New York Times. It too starts with Chinese notification to the World Health Organisation, WHO, on 31 December 2019. Why? At that date China had not banned western journalists in China.
It was not until 11 January that the Chinese reported the first death — a 61-year old who had chronic liver and abdominal disease. Was this the first case? Did the Chinese previously already know about the virus as a lethal problem?
This date was just days before the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat — a time of mass movement of the population. If there was one death, would this be the reason that the Chinese Communist authorities later decreed a lock-down of Wuhan, a city of 11 millions?
The danger must have been obvious. Just over a week later on 21 January other countries were hit. The United States, Japan, South Korea and Thailand notified the WHO that the disease had spread abroad to them. Hiding or controlling it within China was no longer an option. Human-to-human contagion could not be covered over with communist propaganda. Americans don’t eat bats.
The 61-year old Chinese who died was described by the Chinese as someone who frequented the Wuhan market where bats are sold as comestible. Scientists also knew that bats are both a reservoir and a vector of corona viruses. They can contain many corona viruses without being affected themselves. They present a great danger to the public, as scientific papers published over the last decade or more warned of their massive danger for pandemics.
But was the outbreak due to bats? Some doctors say some of the first victims did not frequent the Wuhan market. If the Chinese Communist government had acted sooner deaths could have been cut to a fraction. But the death rate increased from scores to multiple hundreds a day. More worryingly, Chinese doctors who warned of the seriousness of the outbreak suddenly disappeared. The WHO chief eulogised China inordinately.
Millions disappear
How serious was the outbreak? Chinese are required by law to carry personal cell phones indicating their level of health. A shock came when this years stats were released. During February, 21 million phone users disappeared, The Epoch Times reported.
China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced on March 19 the number of phone users in each province in February. Compared with the previous announcement, which was released on Dec. 18, 2019, for November 2019 data, both cellphone and landline users dropped dramatically. In the same period the year before, the number of users increased.
The number of cellphone users decreased from 1.600957 billion to 1.579927 billion, a drop of 21.03 million. The number of landline users decreased from 190.83 million to 189.99 million, a drop of 840,000.
The landline phones decreased by a much smaller amount — indicating that some businesses were closed. What happened to the 21 million? All Chinese are legally obliged to register their cell phones and be controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. If only a tenth of this figure is due to Covid-19 deaths then it amounts to millions, not the 3000 official deaths the Chinese admit to. Surely the EU research projects could check what is behind the mystery of the missing millions. The taxpayers have a right to know.
Date of Origin.
Chinese Spokesman Zhao Lijian made a Freudian error. When he blamed the US Military for the Coronavirus outbreak on USA, he unconsciously made everyone aware that he knew when the outbreak started. It was autumn 2019.
When did US take part in the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan, together with over a hundred other nations? In October 2019.
When did they finish? 27 October 2019.
When did China say the first death occurred? 11 January 2020 — two months later. Long after the US and hundreds of other national groups had left Wuhan! Just days after the Chinese announcement, President Trump, known to be a germaphobe, announced a travel ban, much to the protest of his US and international opposition. It turned out to be a wise move. But many Chinese moved to Italy and Spain, President Trump said.
Spokesman Zhao Lijian’s story does not jibe with the later Communist party story. Or the facts.
In December Chinese doctors were already battling with the novel form of Coronavirus, which they said was as dangerous as SARS, or even more dangerous. Dr Ai Fen spoke out about it in December and was told to stop this ‘fake news‘. She received an ‘unprecedented, extremely harsh reprimand‘ for ‘illegally spreading untruthful information online.’
A colleague Dr Li Wenliang warned about the fatal nature of the new virus. He was silenced and told to revoke all he had told others including those in the West. By the first week of February 2020 he was dead of virus at 34 years. In an article recently Dr Ai regretted she had not continued to speak out. The article has since disappeared– as has Dr Ai.
Cases were coming into the hospitals that had nothing to do with later cover story of the Wuhan wet market with its bats. Technicians analysed the genetic sequencing. Then on 27 December they were told to destroy all evidence and samples!
This was revealed on the reputed Australian TV programme 60 Minutes. The US Pulitzer-prize winning virology journalist Laurie Garrett calls the missing doctors ‘heroes‘.
The lunar New Year occurred on 25 January. This festival involves the largest movement of people on earth as families are re-united. But instead of stopping people, the Chinese government let an estimated 5 million people leave Wuhan alone. Neighbouring countries were immediately hit.
The medical Journal, The Lancet, said:
Had China allowed physician Li Wenliang and his brave Wuhan colleagues to convey their suspicions ,,, without risking sanction, and had local officials not for weeks released false epidemic information to the world, we might not now be facing a pandemic.

After two months, China has declared an end to the lock-down.
The Wuhan wet market re-opened for business on 30 March.