31 August, 2022

Did Gorbachev collapse the Soviet Union? No Schuman predicted the USSR fall in the 1950s.

 In 1917 the Soviets’ socialist ‘dictatorship of the people’ overturned the 500-hundred year old Czarist establishment. For many people, especially those fully aware of World War 2 history, the Soviet Union seemed a permanent feature of world politics. But the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991, nearly seventy-five years after the Soviet Revolution.

Was Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-2022) personally responsible for destroying it? Many commentators seem to think so. They say he was responsible for not only dismantling communism but the Soviet empire, thus stoking local wars and a chain of events leading to Vladimir Putin and the European Union’s undeclared war on Russia. We can add to that the EU’s apparent present tendency to economic suicide. The latter is obviously solely the fault of the decades-long, disastrous geopolitical strategy of Brussels.

Soviet surge to World Power

In WW2 the USSR sacrificed millions of its soldiers in the fight against Nazi Germany. Under the orders of the Communist dictator Joseph Stalin, it had changed from a rural, agricultural economy to one which was not only industrial but technologically advanced.

It was on the up and up.

To prove it, the USSR launched the first earth satellite, Sputnik 1, on 4 October 1957.

They had major, high tech rocket power to launch it into space.

The USSR then launched Laika, the first dog, a female, into space.

It launched the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

Then to show off its ideological socialism and claim a further first before the USA, the USSR later launched the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova. She spent nearly three days in space.

That was not all.

The USSR also claimed the first space walk.

On 12 September 1959, the Soviet team sent a satellite, Luna 2, loaded with radio telemetry and a Sodium flare for astronomers to see it on its way to the Moon.

It carried two spheres with 72 Titanium alloy pendants that were scattered over the eastern Mare Imbrium giving lasting proof of the USSR achievement.

Till then the USA had not yet been able to put a man up even into sub-orbital space for a dozen minutes and bring him safely down. That did not occur until 1961.

It seemed that the Soviet Union was not only a permanent fixture of world politics, but that it was outstripping the USA as the leading technological power. Was it set for world dominance?

The Soviet Union will collapse

Was the second half of the 20th century to be the Soviet century?

Not at all, according to Robert Schuman, the initiator and founder of the European Community. Schuman had been twice prime minister of France. He had helped initiate the great institutions of Europe: the Council of Europe, NATO, and the European Payments Union.

The Soviet Union would collapse before the turn of the century, he told three young parliamentary colleagues at Strasbourg in 1959. One of these young politicians, Hans-August Luecker, told me that the three were more embarrassed than impressed by this conclusion and his call for responsible and anticipatory action.

But it was part of a consistent and persistent theme of Schuman’s speeches.

'We must construct Europe, not in the interest of the free peoples alone but also to be able to welcome in it the peoples of the East, who freed from the repression that they have been subject to until the present, will ask us for their adhesion and for our moral support. ... We consider as integrating part of a living Europe all those who desire to rejoin us in a reconstituted Community. We pay homage to their courage and their faithfulness as well as their suffering and their sacrifices.' (Quoted in my short book, New Cold War or Common European Home, p vii, 1997. A copy of this was sent to European Commissioners and one was presented to Mikhail Gorbachev.)

Thus while the Soviet Union was probably at the height of its power, Schuman predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev was still in his twenties.

What were Schuman’s analyses and deductions? Several lines of approach could be envisaged, as Schuman was an expert statistician.

His conclusions and arguments were sufficient to convince the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He said that grandchildren of the present Soviet leaders would not be Communist.

This conclusion, vital for the future of the West, seems not to have been made by the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA. It was not followed by Western European leaders. They all seem to have been taken by surprise by the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, as were many other people.

Is it too late for Brussels to learn the lessons it neglected?

10 August, 2022

Real Reason for the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid: The public worldwide outraged. For what motive? What object?

Neither the Biden regime, nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to cause a Republican mega victory in November. So why did the FBI bust into Trump’s property?

No other US president in history has had to submit to the indignity of a police raid like that of 8 August.

We are no better than a third world country, a banana republic,’ Trump wrote in a press release. ‘Biden knew all about this , just like he knew all about Hunter’s deals’ with corrupt people in Ukraine, Russia and China.

The FBI refused to let Trump’s lawyer examine their warrant. They expelled Christina Bobb while they made their search.

Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everyone out?’ Trump asked. ‘Obama and Clinton were never ‘raided’ despite big disputes.

The motive for the shock raid was allegedly to find the documents destined for the National Archives, but FBI officials did not just search the boxes in the basement where they were kept. They intruded themselves everywhere. They bust open President Trump’s safe. That must have involved permission sought and given by Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, and lawyers in the White House, perhaps including Biden himself. He will take the rap for it.

What were the FBI looking for in Trump's safe or Milania's closet? Why, if the motive was these archive documents, did the FBI not first send him a polite request followed by subpoena? Apparently the boxes that Trump took with him had already been communicated to the national archives. No problem was reported. The president has authority to declassify all documents. So the alleged motive of national security does not stand up. Presidents often take such documents with them for their presidential libraries. The FBI never raided the files of Barack Hussein Obama or George Bush.

Why did the FBI send so many officers (30 to 100?) from Washington?

Why did they undertake such a controversial operation that would only enrage the Trump supporters? That makes a Republican surge in upcoming elections even more likely.

Why did they wait till Trump was out of town?

Here's my guess. 

I do not think they were looking for documents for the national archives. Trump has life-long powers to de-classify all documents and had already done so on major issues (but the FBI etc was slow-walking them).

The magistrate Bruce Reinhard wrote the warrant. He had a long-time work record working with Jeffrey Epstein's people as a defense lawyer. Epstein ‘died’ in prison while awaiting trial for global sex-trafficking.

Here is my impression of the most explosive document that would implode on the major enemies of Trump. A time bomb.  Clinton, Gates and others have made numerous trips on Epstein’s aircraft known as the Lolita Express to his private island. Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, was convicted of involvement in this pedophilia and high-level blackmail operation.

But the client list of world VIPs involved in this operation was not published at the time of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. This is a blackmail list on pedophilia to beat all lists. It has names of top politicians, financiers and scientists and their foibles that lays them open for control by several intelligence services (including the Israelis).

Why was it not published as evidence at the trial? Where is Epstein's little black book?

The safest way to keep secrets is not to put them on the internet, especially if you are dealing with intelligence agencies, experts in cyber-crime. Hence the little black book has always been the safest for blackmailers.

Who took charge of it afterwards? And other compromising evidence. The FBI does not seem to know where the Hunter Biden laptop is! In it he describes his relationship with the person he called China’s top spy and the money he received.

The little black book is probably the WORLD'S MOST VALUABLE DOCUMENT. It gives the dirt about how to control Arab oil sheikhs, billionaire financiers, the leaders of the world's most powerful nations, global banks and how to distort scientific results to exploit the wealth of the world, maintain geostrategic control of vital foods and medicines, and encourage the depopulation of 'unwanted' peoples.

The person who has right to place in safe-keeping this highly sensitive information of criminal activity and treason is the US president. It does not take much brain to realise that this black book with the names of world presidents, prime ministers, top politicians, billionaires, together with the most influential scientists (another Epstein speciality) would be placed in safe-keeping during President Trump’s administration.

Where is it now?