18 June, 2024

Are USA and European Union both Bananas?

Welcome to the European Banana Union!

I was once dined by a Soviet news commentator who told me how his bosses wanted to take over control of the UK bit by bit. They wanted to place their sympathisers, (whether comrades, ideologues, stooges or useful idiots) in three UK institutions. What were the revolutionary targets for the USSR? The Foreign Office, Parliament and the BBC.

Their subversive attack was centered on

  • Democracy,

  • policy execution and

  • information.

Or to put it in terms of Soviet goals:

  1. Stop the people’s free voice,

  2. stop them executing their policies and

  3. tell them everything is going fine.

Subversion 2.0

To be fully up-to-date my host would need to add another key institution. It is proving to be perhaps even more powerful than elections, ministries and media. That is the Courts. Corrupt judges can do far more mischief than many other institutions including bureaucracies.

Combined with corrupt politicians, bought-off bureaucrats and biased media, courts can eliminate any opposition to oligarchic power. The courts are an important backstop for justice and fairness.

Honest judges are vital. This is especially the case in the USA where judges often openly support, fund and propagate partisan causes. It is a weakness of the American system. But the EU should not be complacent because all weaknesses in a governance system will be exploited by sociopaths, ideologues and revolutionaries up to no good.

These no-good revolutionaries are not the oppressed poor screaming for justice. They are more often the richest plutocrats around. Billionaires are free to pay for subverting elections, including the election campaigns of judges. They have many ways to do so via complicated cross-funding of public foundations, NGOs and corporate sponsorships of ‘democracy’.

Take the case of a judge who has a presidential candidate in front of him. The judge has contributed in the past to the opposing party to the candidate. His daughter works for a top ranking political consultancy which is making millions of dollars from the alleged ‘crimes’ of the candidate. She will make even more if the candidate is found guilty. Should the judge step down? Should he recuse himself as people will think he has all the appearance of being biased?

Yet the judge can give himself the power to refuse to do so. He can also slant the evidence. And the jury? What if it is drawn from a population where 80 percent or more voted for the candidate’s rival political party?

Doesn’t that smell like something rotten?

700 years in prison

Today most polls in USA predict Donald Trump could become the winner of the 2024 presidential election in November. But Trump is in four court cases with multiple, often very curious and unusual prosecutions against him. He could be sentenced to jail for 700 years!

His former colleagues are already in prison or threatened with prison. The ‘crimes’ are all very different but the result of all these often trivial matters is the same: silence the opposition. Lawfare will also render them poverty-stricken with legal fees. Several have committed suicide.

A country where a rich governmental elite can with the help of an external power put their feared opposition in prison is called a Banana Republic. These were like South American countries where the CIA overturned opposition to any movement that opposed US commercial interests such as banana plantations for US imports.

A prejudiced judge can allow ‘evidence’ that is irrelevant (even that called untrue by the defendant). Giving a ‘witness’ time for statements that contradict her previous legal declarations for vengeful motives will sully the character of the defendant. The result? Moral indignation may turn a Jury’s verdict even though they are there to analyze crimes not morals, fictitious or not.

How did the case get started? Trump points his finger at the ‘Soros-backed’ District Attorney who brought the case. Soros is the billionaire who has made himself rich by manipulating the currency markets. He is seen as one of the richest men on the planet.

Which brings us to Europe. Is Europe’s democracy any stronger?

The Soros System

George Soros a Hungarian-born opportunist was at one time a very frequent visitor to the European Commission … until some journalists kept asking why he was holding secretive meetings. He made his fortune as a financial bubble-burster. He boasted he took advantage of situations where reality did not reflect common apprehensions. The market does not always correct misapprehensions but aggravates them.

He wrote about his working philosophy:

‘The primary purpose of political discourse is to gain power and to stay in power. Those who fail to recognize this are unlikely to be in power. The only way politicians can be persuaded to pay more respect to reality is by the electorate insisting on it, rewarding those whom it considers truthful and insightful, and punishing those who engage in deliberate deception. In other words the electorate needs to be more committed to the pursuit of truth than it is at present. Without such a commitment, democratic politics will not produce the desired results. An open society can be only as virtuous as the people living in it.’ (The Crash of 2008 and what it means, p 39)

Governmental systems are more interested in the pursuit of power than the pursuit of truth or reality. Soros quotes high Bush administration officials bragging they are creating their own realities for the public. He cites the so-called War on Terror as an example — where Iraq was invaded, perhaps a million were killed, in response to a group of mainly Saudi citizens allegedly destroying the Twin Towers in 2001. Another word for this is corruption.

Normal people would say that such sick, schizophrenic delusion-makers must be stopped.


How about objecting to Europe’s leaders being selected in the closed-door European Council in total secret with no reference to public assent?

The Exploiters

All the Founding Fathers of Europe assumed that democratic government meant open government. The public had a right to control the politicians and taxes. That is written in the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

After a lifetime of meditation and political action, Robert Schuman, then French Foreign Minister, then proposed a European supranational governance system on 9 May 1950. Its aim? to enhance both the public understanding of reality of the political forces but also the means to correct sociopathic, autocratic and monopolistic power brokers. He created the world’s first international control agency against cartels. He provided for the democratic voice of consumers and non-political associations who represented main economic sectors.

While admiring the accomplishments of American democracy Schuman provided means to improve on its deficiencies.

How? By allowing all strata of society to have a part in the formulation, execution and correction of European laws and governance.

The Community systems provides for each to have a part in the formulation of the European good:

  • Individuals

  • European Associations,

  • European nations

  • European Courts.

Why then is it not working? Multiple exploiters have both created weaknesses and tried to exploit them.

The first violation can be corrected and will help resolve the others. That is the publication of the FULL TEXT of Schuman’s Declaration by EU institutions. Despite many appeals, including multiple applications to the European Ombudsman, the EU institutions have refused to do so. The ordinary citizen must ask why such censorship?

The second document that needs publication is part of the pioneer Community Treaty. It was signed by all the plenipotentiary ministers as European law. Why has the European Commission and other European institutions refused to publish this document that Schuman called the Charter of the Community. It reflects the democratic power of the British Magna Carta on a European scale.

The third step involves the leadership of European institutions. Why does the public not object to the secret, North Korean style European Council? Why are the Councils dealing with fish and farms, budget and taxes, energy and bullets, not open to the public who pay for them and pay for mistakes of politicians?

How can it be countered?

This and many other corruptions of democracy can best be exposed by honest Journalists.

Journalists do your job!