28 May, 2024

Three States are Palestine-Scammed, more to come?

Danger! Norway as agent of Arab disinformation threatens European Rule of Law.

Norway, Spain and Ireland want to recognize a non-existent State.

War by other means is being waged on Europeans, by military, financial and external force. Civilization, based on the stability of justice and law, is at risk. Property law is fundamental. Should land be defined by legal documents, bribery or military conquest?

Today true legal foundations are being attacked. War is being fought on the European Continent and in the Near East. Palestine is at the cusp of global decisions affecting the future of Europeans in the world economy.

Many nations are duped today. Disinformation dominates national and European policies. Deceived States then often make bad decisions with unforeseen and lasting consequences. They are drops of acid leading to further corrosive deals. The result is dissolution of law and a betrayal of the European people.

False corrosive ‘facts’ surreptitiously undermine the Rule of Law. They make the take-over of the whole State by autocratic forces inevitable. At present, the danger is that the western principles and values of justice and law are being subverted.

How and by whom?

  • By Jihadi Islamic scheming,

  • globalist monopolies and

  • autocratic Chinese Communists.

    All have the same parallel goals: to control western peoples.

Disinformation and the slide to anarchy

How can I prove disinformation is so effective? When in 1948 the States at the United Nations agreed on the text of Resolution 108 for a vote, they also left a trail of factual evidence. They defined the territory of the whole of the land of Palestine.

It is full of geographic terms like Galilee, Jericho, Judea, Samaria. These are 3000 year old place names of Israel. It is farcical to say Judea can be Arab. Is Saudi Arabia Israeli? No one sold Judea. That’s why in the 1960s, Arabs paid for a massive public relations campaign to change the name of Judea-Samaria to the West Bank. No one called it the West Bank before this. That shows it is a fraud and a scam.

Why don’t Europeans call it by the names that appeared on all their maps and in all their atlases for centuries?

It’s mine, if not there, then here

If you have a squatter in your house who claims he owns the kitchen, and when you prove it is yours, he says well I want the living room, then it is clear the squatter is a thief.

Geographical fluidity is evidence of fraudulent ‘claims’. The original PLO of the early 1960s did not make any claim on the ‘West Bank’. They targeted only the liberation of the area West of Jerusalem such as Tel Aviv and including all the land to the Mediterranean.  

In its 1964 Charter, promulgated from Jordanian-occupied east Jerusalem, the PLO stated:

"This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area.” 

Oh! No claims to Gaza! None in the West Bank!

After the1967 war, the area militarily occupied illicitly by Jordanians — that was historically called Judea and Samaria —was recuperated by Israelis. It then suddenly became the new ‘Palestine’ for the PLO. Samaria was the capital area of the Israelite ten tribes.

How do Western States define property law?

First Principles of land Law.

  1. Property belongs to someone. It is affirmed by documents directly such as deeds and indirectly by other texts and maps.

  2. Those who falsify property deeds or falsely claim rights are called fraudsters and thieves.

  3. Those who occupy land of others are called squatters and have no direct claim on the legitimate property of others.

  4. Military occupation over a period of time does not change the legitimate right of property owners. Once the military occupation is ended, the property reverts where necessary to the owners before the occupation. That applied from medieval times and up to the Nazis. A defeated or departed army cannot make permanent changes by force compared with legitimate and established in civil, non-military law.

Let us look at the documents of the United Nations — which many take to be the center of the Palestine land dispute.

Palestine problem

First a definition of Palestine. It is a Greek term used by the historian Herodotus. It is a geographic term relating to the thin piece of territory that separates the eastern Mediterranean from the desert. Why is it important? because this strip of land provides the means for a commercial link between the two main empires of old, Egypt and Babylonia/ Persia. Some derive the term Palestine from earlier Egyptian or Hebrew words, p’lisha = invasion of the Philistines.

After the Romans had devastated the whole land of Israel, they called it Palestina so as to avoid having any connection with words like Judea. Few people were left in the country but it seems at no time in the next centuries did the Jews not return, try to return or to continually claim the right to the land. They prayed at their annual festivals and in assemblies ‘Next year in Jerusalem’. A continuous claim like that is a significant step of asserting undying ownership. Jerusalem was never an Arab capital.

The Proof of the P

No Arabs created ancient Palestine. How do we know? Palestine is a word that cannot be pronounced by them. The Arabic language does not have a letter P. Today Arabs say Falistine showing that that is the nearest they can get to the ancient word. Thus the very word Palestine shows up a false claim to the land.

Palestine is a good example of deception by changing the meaning of a word. It was done on purpose by those great masters of disinformation, the KGB.

For the best part of two thousand years Palestine meant the historic land of Israel. At the time of the Palestine Mandate of 1920 after World War One, Palestinian meant Jewish resident or immigrant, not an Arab. The Arabs living in the country protested that they were not Palestinians but belonged to the wider Arab world.

Jews on the other hand were issued with passports and documents by the British authorities as proof they were Palestinians. Here, for example, is the British Mandatory passport of Dvora, the mother of Moshe Dayan.

The main Jewish newspaper was called the Palestine Post. It only changed its name to the Jerusalem Post when in 1948 the newly formed government of Palestine changed the name of the State to Israel.

The Arabs resident in Israel only began claiming they were Palestinians when the Soviet Union invented the idea of the Palestine Liberation Army/ Organization.

Out of the dustbin of history they pulled out the name ‘Palestine’ for the Arab revolution, now that the Israelis had trashed it. The PLO was part of a slew of Soviet-backed, look-alike Liberation Organizations around the world in the Cold War with the West. The others were mainly anti-colonialist movements.

By stealing the term ‘Palestinian’ the Soviet Union knew that they could deceive many people in the West. Now we know how much they succeeded.

Who are the Arabs in Palestine? What rights do they have?

Military powers

Who should rule Palestine — the geographic area? The British conquered it in 1918 and could have assumed their rights as military conqueror as others had done in the past:

  • Assyrians,

  • Babylonians,

  • Persians,

  • Macedonian Greeks,

  • Parthians,

  • Romans (including Christian Romans of Constantinople),

  • Persians again,

  • Crusaders from Europe,

  • various Muslim armies under Kurdish and Arab leadership and

  • the Ottoman Turks.

Throughout all this time some Jews and Israelites stayed in the country despite persecution. They and the diaspora maintained their claim to the Land.

Then during WW1 along came the British, Jewish, Australians and others and conquered the land from the Turks. The Ottoman Empire collapsed. Did the British have the same rights? Were they the legal masters from 1918 to now?

Presently the Arab population is divided into three factions. There are tribal communities under local leadership. Two political centers have opposing ideological goals and are vying for support. The PLO faction was originally supported by the USSR — like ‘President’ Mahmoud Abbas elected in 2005. He was trained in Russia for his doctorate on antisemitism.

The ‘Palestinian Authority’ under Fatah have control on the ancient Israelite town of Shechem, now called Nablus from the Greek meaning New Town. It has Jacob’s Well and the tomb of Joseph the Israelite Patriarch who, as Pharaoh’s administrator, saved Egypt from seven years’ of famine.

In Gaza the Arabs revolted against the corruption of the Fatah system of Arafat and Abbas. They voted for Hamas, which then went on a killing spree against Fatah. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership of Gaza based their appeal on belligerent Jihadi Islam and a war of extermination with the Jews. This goal is written into their charter from the Muslim Brotherhood.

For outsiders such as Christians and European Jews who want to peacefully visit the pre-Islam historic sites of Israel, there seems little grounds for hope for peace with a unified Arab State. It might well combine the worst aspects of both governance configurations. This would normally raise huge questions among realistic European politicians about the viability of a Two-State Solution …. unless there are other factors at play.

Why are European leaders shutting their eyes?

Why the Norwegians?

Isn’t it curious that the Norwegians have been so active in promoting Palestine politics and a Two-State Solution (TSS)? When they started on the Oslo process, it should have been clear to Norwegians that many Arab claims were fraudulent. The secretive Norwegian diplomacy developed after the 1978 Camp David accords that envisaged only local autonomy for Arabs but no deals with terrorists like the PLO.

The dates are significant. In the 1970s Europe and USA were threatened with a total embargo of Arab oil unless they supported Arab Palestinian goals.

So why did Norway get involved and not, say, Iceland or Peru? Maybe it is no coincidence. Norway was then becoming an oil exporter. It greatly benefited from the 16 fold increase in oil prices from under $2 a barrel in 1970 (that even then gave the Saudis huge profits). Oil price blackmail created a dollar bubble for OPEC. It is now about to burst. The oil blackmail surpluses could only be handled through western banks.

Cartel Coordination

For the Norwegians it was simple: no free market. They fixed their price in line with the OPEC cartel. They made big money, enjoying the rocketing oil prices and huge profits without joining OPEC or converting to Islam. In practical terms they could be silent partners for Arab policies while watching their Sovereign Wealth Fund of oil profits climb to $1.6 Trillion, making it the world’s largest.

In short, Norway has distinct motives for proclaiming a Palestinian State. It has nothing to do with the well-being of other Europeans or solidarity. In 1973, the States of the European Communities faced economic ruin, industrial shut-down and an energy crisis like nothing before or after.

The European Union is armed with a powerful anti-cartel instrument. But foreign ministers never used it when they needed it most. They capitulated to financial and monetary despots.

Foreign Ministers submit to PLO

Why is the European Union the biggest donor to the ‘Palestinian Arab’ cause? The Oil Weapon blasted the European economy. A total blockade of oil to Europe in 1973 and then prices quadrupled in both 1973 and again in 1979 tore European industrial might to shreds.

Nine European foreign ministers met in Venice in 1980 with the PLO. It marks a shameful episode in European history. They made a Declaration outside the democratic framework of the European Community. They agreed that their States would support the ‘Palestinian cause’ politically and financially. Israel should ‘put an end to the territorial occupation which it has maintained since the conflict of 1967.’

They blamed Israel for occupation and settlements. They said nothing about the attacks on Israel in 1967 (the Six Day War), and 1973 (the Yom Kippur War). They appealed to the renunciation of force by all parties. To implement the Declaration, they, the nine European powers, said they would reach out to the Middle Eastern nations in order to initiate the changes.

Why did Europe submit to such a one-sided Declaration? Fear. The Oil Weapon had sabotaged their economy and destroyed their wealth.

The European Community countries, which had previously a huge trade surplus, were rendered poverty-stricken. They did not want to see it happen every decade. Some States also agreed to take in immigrants from North Africa where the Oil Weapon of their fellow Arabs had mercilessly wreaked their economies too.

Homeland and rightful owners

The League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations, declared on historical evidence that Palestine was the homeland of the Jews. Despite invasions, Jews and Israelites had lived there for more than 3000 years. They created a civilization that laid the bases of European law.

I will leave the last word to the Arab leader who spoke out on 29 September 1947 indicating why the Arabs rejected the partition plan. Mr Jamal al-Husseini said:

Regarding the manner and form of independence for Palestine, it was the view of the Arab Higher Committee that that was a matter for the rightful owners of Palestine to decide. Once Palestine was found to be entitled to independence, the United Nations was not legally competent to decide or impose the constitutional organization of Palestine, since such action would amount to interference with an internal matter of a sovereign State. (emphasis added)

European leaders need to decide whether they will abide by and sustain the Rule of Law or succumb to blackmail pressures of oil politics or falsehoods of global powers subverted by petrodollars. Time has moved on but their attitudes have not. Are leaders still afraid to speak the truth?

Some Islamicists say that conquered territory belongs to them as conqueror for ever. Western law says it doesn’t.

Which way do Europeans want to follow— everlasting war or peace based on Law?