22 November, 2012

Jihad6: EU should not be fooled by UN's pro-Hamas distortions

Israelis and Gazans have agreed a ceasefire on 21 November 2012. Apart from several Gazan rockets it is generally holding. That shows that WHEN IT WANTS TO the Hamas regime in Gaza is able to control the other terrorist groups. Thus the escalation of missiles towards Israel over this entire year and before is part of official Hamas policy.

The European Community was founded on a Compact that said that it should follow supranational values like TRUTH. That applies to the EU’s foreign policy as much as its internal affairs. The European External Action Service should take note!

Article 2 of the Hamas Covenant declares it is the military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood aimed at worldwide Sharia law with ‘death for Allah the highest aspiration‘. It has global aims and is the largest Muslim organization in the world. Article 4 says it is a part of a secret movement and Article 7 says it is a world movement aimed at the armed conversion of the world to its brand of jihadist Islam. This article says it goal is the destruction of all Jews and Zionists.

Do you believe them? They name their missiles after ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, whom they describe as a martyr. Are you sure, is the External Action Service convinced,  that Hamas forces men, women and children to die as human shields to cover their evil? ‘We desire death like you desire life,‘ they say.

Will Hamas keep to this agreement and stop all future violence? If it doesn’t, how will Europe be hit? What about the Iranian involvement that threatens Europe’s drug of predilection — OIL?
As of November 20, 2012, the number of rockets and mortars fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza for 2012 stood at over 2,000. More than three million Israelis live within range of rocket and mortar attacks that have been going on for years. They live in and near bomb shelters. No other democracy in the world would tolerate such attacks.

In a recent barrage of several hundred rockets, more than one hundred fell short and exploded in the Gaza strip itself.  What was the damage, wounding and deaths caused by them? You don’t know? You will not find out from Hamas, as it is a terrorist group. Nor from the United Nations, which supposedly isn’t. Hamas and other terrorist groups fire missiles especially from its civilian areas and use the population as human shields for black propaganda purposes, should Israel strike back. Those Gazans who are killed by Gazan missiles are either too unimportant to be recorded or attributed to Israeli action.

You will not learn the facts from the United Nations. They do not tell us that, by its carefully targeted air attacks, Israel has destroyed nearly all of the Iranian Fajr rockets that the UN was supposed to prevent coming into Gaza. Fajr rockets were aimed at Jerusalem (which some Muslim Brotherhood colleagues of Mr Morsi want to be the capital of Egypt) and Tel Aviv. The United Nations has betrayed the mandate that the nations of the world recorded to return Israel to Jews and Israelites that was agreed after World War One.  Instead it is now dominated by politicians and ideologues who speak about ‘Palestine‘ (a nation that NEVER existed in modern times) and the rights of so-called ‘ Palestinians‘ who identify themselves to each other as Arabs from Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

On the border between Egypt and Gaza, the European Union has ‘observers’ at the Rafah crossing on the Philadelphi route used by smugglers and terrorists. What are these EU observers telling the public about the smuggling of powerful Iranian missiles into the Gaza powder-keg?
What do you know about a situation that might bring not only the Near East but Europe into flames? Is the EU doing its job or is it following the dishonest lead of the United Nations — silence on anything that might put the terrorists of Hamas into a bad light? According to an Arab journalist, there are some six hundred millionaires in Gaza, made rich on such exploitation. Hamas receives its heavy cut of all this illegal trade.

The United Nations is supposed to be provide impartial information. But does it? Has it become so close to Hamas, a terrorist organization, that it fears to criticize the deaths caused by its suicidal and anti-Israel policies?

Below is my letter to Mr Matthias Burchard, Director to the EU of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, responsible for the Arab refugees in the area who refuse to be resettled.

Thank you, Mr Burchard, for this report on the situation in Gaza.
As a journalist, like many others, who try to understand and analyze the situation in Gaza, I and my colleagues will find this sort of report one-sided. For example there is no mention of the total number of rockets and missiles launched at Israel from inside the Gaza strip. Two only are mentioned aimed at Tel Aviv. No internal problems related to Gazan missile production and launching of Iranian missiles inside Gaza are mentioned.
The United Nations is supposed to represent all its Member States. That must include Israel. A number of Jews and Arabs who were refugees under UNRWA were successfully integrated into Israeli society. That was many years ago but it indicates that UNRWA is not meant to be a pro-Hamas, one-sided propaganda vehicle.
But even if it were only representing the inhabitants or the Hamas regime of Gaza etc UNRWA should give a balanced view of the news. Journalists can find out what is going on by viewing or reading the news or subscribing to other sources such as the one from The Israel Project which shows the massive stockpiling of arms in Gaza and use of human shields by the Hamas regime. These are major humanitarian problems. I include one report below.
Over the time that I have been receiving UNRWA reports there has been no information about the smuggling of rockets and Iranian missiles into Gaza, nor about their launching nearly a thousand recently. No mention  is made of the fact that Israel is maintaining electricity supplies to Gaza and also supplying food and consumer goods, when it could easily cut these off, given the Jihadist or ‘militant’ missile attacks.
Thus the credibility of UNRWA and the United Nations is undermined by such one sided reports. I hope that you will endeavour to provide more balanced information in the future.
David Price
Bron Communications

November 17, 2012
TIP Press: press@theisraelproject.org
Main Office Phone Number:   202-857-6644 
Iran-backed Hamas has turned hospitals, homes, schools, and mosques into military bases loaded with snipers and weapons. Dozens of videos show how they use Palestinian civilians for human shields and Palestinian residential areas as depots.  We’ve embedded five videos below. Click on the photos to go straight to the videos, or click on the link below to go to TIP’s YouTube collection on Hamas’s war crimes.

Terrorists firing Rockets from Civilian areas in Gaza
(YouTube / http://is.gd/bkNTAb )

Hamas hides behind civilians and shows it on Palestinian TV
(YouTube / http://is.gd/XXoTYn )

Hamas – Human Shield Confession
(YouTube / http://is.gd/kV5o9K )

Hamas Hides Fajr-5 Rocket in Underground
Launch Site in Gaza ( YouTube / http://is.gd/ulsKDS )

Human Shield – Cynical Use of Children
( YouTube / http://is.gd/OgUAFg )
TIP’s Collection On Hamas’s Human Shields
The Israel Project is a non-profit educational organization that provides factual information about Israel and the Middle East to the press, policy makers and the public.

UNRWA Room DC1-1265 United Nations | New York, NY 10017 US
UNRWA 24-hour update as of 16 november 2012 at 15:00
situational overview
1.2 million refugees
8 refugee camps
12,000 staff
245 schools for 225,000 students
21 health centres
12 food distribution centres for more than 800,000 refugees
Living under a tightened land and sea blockade since 2007
Shattered local economy
Food assistance:
USD 4.8 million
The Israeli military operation continues for the second consecutive day. Widespread Israeli air strikes have been taking place for the past 24 hours. Over 60 Israeli Air Force (IAF) raids, with over 100 missiles fired, accompanied by very loud explosions, were reported for the period 01:00hrs – 07:20hrs only. A ground operation has not been launched. UNRWA is ready and prepared should the humanitarian need dictate a response. Militants have continued intensive rocket and mortar firing into southern Israeli territory, including two rockets fired into the area of Tel Aviv for the first time since the Gulf War.
The streets in Gaza appear to be almost empty with a very small number of vehicles or people. People are limiting movements to a minimum, and whenever possible also avoid places that have been repeatedly targeted. Shops are mainly closed with the exception of some food stores, and bakeries are crowded with people stocking up on supplies. Waiting time at bakeries is up to one hour. It will become clear tomorrow whether the closure of the shops is linked to the security situation or to the fact that both yesterday and today were official holidays. There is great concern among the population about shortages should the current situation last or get worse.
Police reminded vegetable sellers to keep prices down, as there were reports about some of them using the emergency situation to raise prices. Reports say that the tunnels at the Egyptian border were closed last night. However, large amounts of flour, 200,000 litres of diesel, and 100,000 litres of industrial fuel for the Gaza power plant have come in today through the tunnels for the de facto authority’s stores.
No large-scale displacement has been reported and there is not yet any need for the provision of emergency humanitarian assistance. So far, displaced people are able to find shelter with friends and family. Displacements are mainly due to damage done to houses and apartments caused by nearby air strikes.
No large-scale displacement has yet been reported and there is not yet any need for the provision of emergency humanitarian assistance. Concern over the availability of fuel for the population has been reported.
unrwa’s response
As the security situation escalates, UNRWA is ready to respond. As in the past, displaced refugees and other civilians in Gaza are likely to seek shelter in UNRWA schools across the Gaza Strip. The Agency and its staff are ready to provide assistance as required. 

Given the security situation, wherever possible UNRWA health centres will operate as of tomorrow morning. Health teams are ready to provide emergency assistance, including establishing temporary or mobile clinics in the eventuality of large-scale population displacements. UNRWA’s main pharmacy and health centres have sufficient medicine and vaccinations in stock.
As the largest UN agency in Gaza with the largest number of beneficiaries, UNRWA is hoping to augment its existing supplies of non-food items for distribution to refugees and other civilians as necessary. UNRWA distributes food aid to more than 800,000 refugees in Gaza and is currently in the middle of a food distribution cycle (October to December). The Agency food stocks are therefore plentiful. However, any food that is distributed as an emergency humanitarian response measure to a displaced population will need to be replaced to cover the food needs of the current number of poor Palestine refugees in Gaza.
UNRWA is also currently facing a funding shortfall of USD 4.8 million, which is needed by next week to complete the procurement procedures for the distribution of food aid scheduled to take place from January to March 2013.
The security situation in Gaza remains critical. Widespread air bombardments from Israel across the Gaza Strip and large-scale rocket and mortar fire from Gaza into Israeli territory is causing Palestinian and Israeli civilian casualties. For the first time since the first Gulf War, rockets were fired into the area of Tel Aviv.  A three-hour-long ceasefire was arranged during the visit of Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil to Gaza and came into force at 09:00. Only sporadic air strikes and rocket firing were reported during that time. Military activities resumed after 12:00.
challenges encountered
The Department of Safety and Security and the UN Access team organised an NGO convoy with six expatriate workers to leave Gaza this morning. Once again, the crossing point on the Palestinian side (Arba Arba) was closed by the local authorities. Erez crossing was open until 13:00 and ready to allow the expatriate workers through. Despite the co-ordination efforts, the convoy did not manage to leave Gaza today.
unrwa casualties
No reported casualties from UNRWA staff in the reporting period, though an UNRWA teacher was killed by an Israeli air strike on 15 November. An eight-year-old UNRWA student, Fares Al Basuni, was killed at his home in Beit Hanoun.
unrwa installations
  • On 14 November at 21:25, an Israeli air strike hit an open area northeast of Rafah, causing minor damage to Al Naser Health Centre.
  • On 14 November at 17:45, an Israeli air strike hit an open area southwest of Nuseirat Camp, causing minor damage to UNRWA’s Nuseirat preparatory girls’ school.
  • On 14 November at 21:15 an Israeli air strike hit an open area northwest of Nuseirat Camp, causing damage to an UNRWA vehicle.
  • On 16 November at 04:05 an Israeli air strike hit an open area, causing collateral damage to the UNRWA’s Japanese Health Centre in Khan Younis.
  • On 16 November at 05:40 an Israeli air strike targeting a civil administration building, belonging to the Ministry of Interior in Tel El Hawa, southeast of Gaza, caused collateral damage to UNRWA Zaitoun girls’ school.
  • Rafah crossing is open as usual.
  • Kerem Shalom was closed on 15 November due to the security situation. On 16 November, Kerem Shalom was closed as usual.
  • Erez crossing was open until 13:00 for those walking across. However, local authorities in Gaza did not allow expatriate workers to leave Gaza.

UNRWA Room DC1-1265 United Nations | New York, NY 10017 USA

07 November, 2012

SUPRA2: After 60 years France releases Europe's Foundational Charter of Supranational Democracy

The foundation stone  of European Law and Democracy has been revealed at last! Below is a copy of the key institutional document of European democracy that politicians have refused to publish for decades. It may not have been seen for SIXTY years. Now it needs to be fully integrated into European codes of Law and jurisprudence.

On 18 April 1951 the the Europe Declaration was signed by all the representatives of the six founding Member State Governments of the European Community. It creates the Foundation of a New Europe which made 'war not only unthinkable but materially impossible'. It provided a path as it says to create a new common destiny so Europeans could look forward to a peaceful future both of prosperity but also be forced to resolve peacefully common problems together and, despite the corruption and perversities of human nature, arrive together at moral and ethical solutions.

 In his book, Pour l'Europe (p146), Robert Schuman called it the great Charter of Europe's Community. After its signature and that of the Treaty of Paris founding the European Community for Coal and Steel, it was then placed for safekeeping in the archives of the French Foreign Ministry at the Quai d'Orsay, Paris.

It contains the pledge of European Governments that all European Community future Treaties founding new Community organizations, all Acts and Laws arising from them would follow certain principles. This includes such things as supranational values, like honesty, justice and truth. It pledged that all citizens would have to give full democratic agreement to any future developments.

General de Gaulle was no friend of the European Community and tried to destroy it. The Europe Declaration of Interdependence may have been buried in the archives at this time. It contains the word de Gaulle hated: SUPRANATIONAL, meaning that dictators would find no place in a democratic Community of democratic Member States. He wanted to replace the independent European Commission searching out the common good and just solutions with a secretariat subservient to his own political views (Fouchet Plan and the crisis of the Empty Chair).

Democratic politicians in other countries together with democrats in France fought off this plan for Gaullist hegemony of the Continent.   Yet politicians after de Gaulle never published this foundational document, nor developed the Community's democratic institutions to any great extent. Referendums were avoided or simply disdained.

The Community's democratic and supranational principles have been ignored in recent developments including the construction of the euro. This is based on economics of national currencies strung inadequately together by international agreement of politicians, not the people. The Community system envisages a European Currency controlled by a properly elected European Parliament under a single electoral statute and organized civil society in a fully elected Economic and Social Committee.

 After being hidden in the archives of the Quai d'Orsay for sixty years, ignored and kept secret from the public by politicians, this Foundational Declaration has now been released by the French Government, following a request by the Schuman Project. It is now published on its site www.schuman.info/CharterQdO.htm