31 January, 2016

1. Mein Kampf and other 'holy book' frauds

This is the first of a series on the impact of Mein Kampf, why it was a fraud, and the lessons to be learned.
Mein Kampf AH pic c
At the start of 2016 the copyright of Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), lapsed. In Germany the book has been forbidden from public sale until now. That is not true elsewhere. Copies and translations of the book are widely available and have had had substantial continuous sales, legally or surreptitiously, over the past 70 or more years. The electronic version has brought remarkable boost to the book, placing it on the world best seller list of the century. This may have arisen following anti-Semitism with the growing immigrant population in the West.
In Arabic countries from Egypt and North Africa and in many Islamic States such as Indonesia the book has been placed in the long-term best seller category. In Pakistan and in India (which has a higher number of Muslims) sales are huge. The title translates as My Jihad.
In the West the sales have been more modest? Why?
The West with its more open society has been able to analyze and criticize its errors and ridicule its falsehoods, its juvenile race hate and its anti-Semitism/ jealousy of the Jews. One sociological fact is apparent.
Where the Bible is absent or banned from circulation the book Mein Kampf and also those like the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion flourish. Germany was already enfeebled from living Christianity and vibrant Judaism by the illogical deceit of nineteenth century ‘theological rationalists’ using Hegelian philosophy and unsound conjectural suppositions of the texts. Centered in a number of German universities such as the influential Tübingen school, they tried to show that the books of the Bible were not written by the authors attributed to them, that the New Testament books were written perhaps a century after the Christ and some of the Hebrew books were edited and written by a number of authors at a very late date.
They succeeded in raising doubts and disbelief among many people. Synagogue and church attendance plummeted and seminaries were riven with controversy and confusion. Only after WW2 were the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered with often multiple copies of almost all the books of the Hebrew Scriptures. Instead of medieval manuscripts some of these finds dated centuries before Christ. Copies of New Testament books have also been found dating from within a few decades of the events of Christ’s life and his followers.
Hitler aimed to demolish the edifice of the synagogue and the church. In spite of the earlier work of the rationalists and materialists, Hitler’s book did not succeed that well. Originally the book sold only when Hitler seized power by violence and force. The major motive was to understand the real Weltanschauung of the Nazi party as it went into action.
Hitler planned to destroy Christianity because he saw its moral framework) as unfitting for his Reich. He first sent Bible Students, who refused call-up and military service, to the concentration camp at Dachau. He criminalized both Catholics and Protestants. A war already burned against the Jews.
Hitler had bamboozled the Roman Catholic church with a Concordat but then launched an attack on any dissident clergy. In 1937 the pope Pius XI’s encyclical Mit brennender Sorge denounced the ‘myth of blood and race,’ and Hitler’s ‘aggressive paganism,’ and the consequent ‘war of extermination’ against the church.
Hitler set up a Reich Church, where pastors were banned. Only Nazi orators spoke there. With monstrous disinformation, he called it officially the German Evangelical Church. It was a German church for the worship of the German State and a new savior, Adolf Hitler. Some 700 Protestant pastors were arrested. The Jews fared much worse. Synagogues were burnt and Torah scrolls destroyed.
Priests say Jesus is a Jew,’ Dr Hanns Kerrl, Hitler’s Reich Minister for Church Affairs, told the Reich’s religious leaders in February 1937. ‘They say salvation comes from the Jews. That won’t do! He screamed: ‘A new authority has arisen as to what Christ and Christianity is. That authority is Adolf Hitler. … We must not tolerate Jews any more.
Mein Kampf Wedding page
Hitler’s book became the new Bible. It was presented at weddings to the couple instead of the Bible and at other ‘religious’ occasions. In 1938 Minister Kerrl ordered the Hebrew name of God, YHWH, be suppressed from display in all churches.
With that Germany’s fate was sealed. As the British historian Richard Williams Morgan put it long ago: ‘It is impossible for a Bible-reading nation to be a nation of slaves; for this reason the enemies of mental and spiritual Liberty have always been hostile to its free circulation.’ Cambrian History, p13.
Hitler’s program calling for a National Church under his ideologue Rosenberg was an attempt at thought dictatorship against the true Book. It would have ‘the exclusive right and the exclusive power to control all churches within the borders of the Reich: it declares these to be national churches of the German Reich.’ He decreed: ‘The National Church demands immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible in Germany.’ On the altars there must be nothing but ‘Mein Kampf’ [to the German nation and therefore to God, the most sacred book] and to the left of the altar a sword.
Next time we will look at the fraud itself.

20 January, 2016

Was NATO or the European Community responsible for Europe's long Peace? Fourteen UK Telegraph historians are wrong!

In the UK Referendum debate, fourteen UK historians wrote a letter to the Telegraph newspaper of London about peace in Europe. They should be ashamed. They are plain wrong in their 'facts'.

The Telegraph, London, 17 Jan 2016
SIR – The claim that the EU is the source of peace within Europe, repeated yet again on last Thursday’s Question Time, cannot go unchallenged.
Nato includes non-EU states, such as the United States and Turkey. It was founded in 1949, well before the Treaty of Rome, and continues to guarantee the peace of Europe even after the disintegration of the Warsaw Pact. Meanwhile, Germany has transformed itself from a warmongering state into a model democracy determined to atone for the horrors of the Third Reich.
These are welcome developments, but only myth-makers can claim that they were generated by the EU.
Prof David Abulafia, University of Cambridge
Dr Irina Somerton, University of London
Prof John Charmley, University of East Anglia
Dr Robert Crowcroft, University of Edinburgh
Prof Tom Gallagher, University of Bradford
Prof Gwythian Prins, London School of Economics
Prof A W Purdue
Doctor Richard Rex, University of Cambridge
Dr Andrew Roberts
Dr Lee Rotherham
Prof Guy Rowlands, University of St Andrews
Prof Nigel Saul, Royal Holloway, University of London
Oliver Lewis
Innes Jones
My letter to the Telegraph
Fourteen historians wrote that the EU was not responsible for Europe’s longest peace. They are wrong. They are creating their own mythology. The EU was not created by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 but by the Treaty of Paris in April 1951. It created the European Coal and Steel Community and a new form of supranational democracy. Its stated aim was to ensure peace in Europe.
In March 1950 the fear of perpetual war in Europe was common everywhere. One US think tank, FPA (Foreign Policy Association), after interviewing foreign ministries around Europe wrote in a report: ‘Whatever we do, Europe will … have to face the fact that the singularly favourable position it enjoyed during the five centuries following the discovery of the New World and the conquest of the colonies is now drawing to a close. While the Russians and the Communists have capitalised on the predicament of western Europe, they did not bring it about.’ Teenage Germans are ‘strongly imbued with Nazi ideas.’
The same conclusion was reached by the annual conference of US ambassadors in Europe in 1949. They considered European solutions as ‘pipe dreams’ and their ‘golden goose’ of the Marshall Plan was being sacrificed as it exacerbated various forms of nationalistic competition and trade barriers. They were keenly aware of Soviet designs on Germany especially the industrial Ruhr.
General Lucius Clay, US Military Governor of Germany in March 1949 concluded: ‘I repeat what I said in a cable a few days ago. We have lost Germany politically and therefore it really does not matter except that history will prove why there was World War III. No gesture can we make to draw Germany westward so why do we spend money on Germany. Thank God I will be out of it soon…’ Papers of General Lucius Clay, p.1063.
The Community system was created by the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950 “World peace cannot be safeguarded without creative efforts commensurate with the dangers that face it.” That Proposal presented the beginning of “a political entity called Europe” and the means and method to govern aspects of it.
Robert Schuman was convinced as French Prime Minister and Foreign Minister that Europe must use this last chance for peace. Others said it was impossible. He was not only the designer of the peace, but a shrewd political technician and an impartial visionary for a positive future. He was co-author of NATO and the Council of Europe. He never ascribed Europe’s internal peace to NATO.
Just before his Schuman Proposal he told the US Secretary of State Acheson that the supranational Community system would produce the greatest period of prosperity since the Middle Ages.
And so it has happened. Europe is living in its longest peace in its two-millennium recorded history. Britain needs to debate those ‘democratic principles’ that Brussels has since tried to bury.
Yours etc,
David Price
Schuman Project
Brussels 18 Jan 2016

14 January, 2016

Petro-Jihad! Saudi Aramco half-century war on the West

Would you like to have a piece of the largest, richest, most powerful company on this planet? Your chance may come soon. The Saudis are considering making shares available in Aramco.
Be warned! Get the facts first! For half a century the planet’s most powerful company has been dedicated to converting the world to worship its god and to obey Sharia law. Saudi Aramco, dwarfs other multinationals like an elephant before ants. Its value surpasses Germany’s annual output. It rivals the entire Gross Domestic Product of the whole European Union.
Saudi Aramco should be worth modestly around $2.4 trillion, according to the Lex column of the Financial Times on 9 January (Saudi Aramco: family jewels). That values its estimated 300 billion barrels of oil and gas at $8 a barrel. That’s just a little part of it. Sale of oil magnifies assets into huge profits on top of that. Last year oil sold for around $50 a barrel or so.
Free market US shale oil punctured the murky OPEC cartel. By its price-ratcheting operations, oil reached astronomical prices nearly touching $150. Now prices have plummeted. Present low prices are Saudi policy too. Prices are controlled by their dominant supplies. The Saudis have now opened wide the spigots to flood the market in order to annihilate the more costly shale oil. Low prices also destroy alternative energy systems which require expensive investment. Prices fell to below $30 a barrel at the start of 2016. The key priority of a cartel is to retain market share, not prices. They can later crank up the price by long-tested cartel techniques. Europe has long been the victim. It will gain no respite from energy blackmail.
Low oil prices have a devastating effect on Russia, its main rival. In the mid-1980s the engineered collapse of prices destroyed the Soviet economy.

Petroleum price1970 to 2011

Saudi Arabia is now living off cash reserves in order to continue its luxuriating lifestyle. Hence it is considering putting up for sale its ‘family jewels’, Saudi Aramco for sale. They need just enough cash to get them through the period while legitimate competitors are driven into bankruptcy.
Just a little bit of the jewels, mind. Saudi Aramco could be worth 7 or perhaps 10 trillion dollars. To put that in perspective, the GDP of the entire European Union, the world’s largest economy, is 18 trillion dollars. Such an estimate would put Aramco well ahead of the leading Chinese banks which sometimes rate at 3 or four trillion. The leading US oil ‘giant,’ ExxonMobil, clocks in at around a third of a trillion. Russia’s Rosneft and Mexico's Pemex, faced with higher extraction costs are way behind.
The Saudis and the Gulf states also need to create a sure way to deliver high price oil to effete Europeans and eliminate Russia and other competitors. If the Persian Gulf is blocked by an antagonistic Shia Iran, then a pipeline to the Mediterranean would be essential to sell Europeans high-price energy. Unfortunately the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean is occupied by Russophile Syria/Lebanon, or Israel. What is the core issue of the Syria conflict? Lucrative Arab gas and oil commerce from the Gulf to Europe would be so much easier if the Syrian regime of Assad with its pro-Shia tendencies were eliminated. Meanwhile Europe, not Saudi Arabia or the Gulf, is obliged to take in millions of the refugees, victims and belligerents.
In its energy imports the EU pays out enough to cover the entire EU budget two or three times over, a billion euros worth per day. That’s the cost of energy blackmail and oil jihad. Europeans apparently are not intelligent enough to produce alternative energy sources or save on consumption. They buy overpriced oil.
In Saudi Arabia it seems that oil just seeps out of the sand almost for free. But it wasn’t always like that. American companies like Standard Oil of California (SoCal). Exxon and Texaco dug round for a few years before they struck oil. When they did, Saudi King Abdulaziz demanded half the profits or else he would take it over completely by nationalization. The US government crumpled under the threat. It created the ‘golden gimmick’, a curious tax-deal, to say the least, where half the US company’s profits were just not taxed.
The Saudis then began to use the company as an overt instrument of Saudi foreign policy. It was deployed against its western Judeo-Christian customers. The oil weapon was used in the 1967 Six-Day war against Britain and USA. Following Yom Kippur 1973 and the alleged US support for Israel when Egyptian and other Islamic forces attacked it without warning, the Saudi government took a 25% stake in US Aramco. The next year they increased their slice to 60%. Finally they nationalized the whole thing in 1980.
What a steal! Nowadays Aramco produces 12.5 million barrels a day. The world’s top oil producer. That’s worth at recent prices a billion dollars every 24 hours!
In 1973 when Muslim forces attacked Israel at Yom Kippur, Saudi Arabia also deployed its ‘Oil Weapon’ against all of Europe. Using Aramco as a battering ram and the Arab States in OPEC (Arab Organization of Petroleum Countries, AOPEC) as the sword of Islam, they attacked all European States in their vitals, their foreign policy. Unless these States changed their policy towards Israel they would get no oil.
Absolute embargo. Zilch. Not a drop. The motorways were bare of traffic. On Sundays drivers required special permission to travel.

1973 Oil Crisis Sunday driving ban

 Fortunately in the 1970s, although the pro-Arab and anti-Israel policy of de Gaulle, the autocratic French president, had lead to the weakening of the Community system, enough solidarity existed to help. Counties like the Netherlands and Denmark which had no alternative sources were able to use the single market to swap oil supplies from elsewhere. From the start after WW2, European Statesmen like Robert Schuman had warned that Europe needed to have energy independence from blackmail if it were to survive honorably. That was a key purpose of the Coal and Steel Community, the Euratom Community and the Economic Community. During the 1956 Suez Crisis, the closure of Egypt’s canal led to the loss of two thirds of Europe’s oil supplies. Did Europe’s lackadaisical politicians influenced by de Gaulle take this warning serious?
In 1970s the politicians in the ‘democracies,’ who were faced with the threat of changing foreign policy under duress, showed little intestinal fortitude. Less fortunately they reached a compromise with the Islamic blackmailers who had unplugged Europe’s economy. They agreed to allow the massive immigration of unemployed from North Africa to their devastated economies. Across Europe on certain days the motorways were emptied of all vehicles. Factories closed or went bankrupt.
This economic devastation has as its main origin the cartel operation that controls oil and gas. Even so called democratic oil-producers do not offer supplies at cost plus a modest profit of ten percent. They follow the prices set by OPEC. In practice that means the price dictated by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States who have both a monopolistic and religious motivation.
Is Saudi Arabia now coming to a crunch? Will its estimated 700 billion dollar reserves be wiped out by its high-living style in  five years or so? Or has Saudi Arabia other vast reserves of investments whose liquidation would threaten the foundations of Western society? That requires a separate analysis.

01 January, 2016

2016: Will the Mediterranean become a Lake of Fire or a Lake of Peace?

Best wishes for peace in the New Year of 2016!
May the Mediterranean Sea become a lake of peace, as Robert Schuman planned and worked for!
Today, the Mediterranean is becoming a Lake of Fire! Syria is engulfed in a war funded and encouraged by Islamists from Turkey to the rapacious Oil States. Libya is is torn into statelets, with the possibility to become an in-your-face, terror headquarters of the bloody, head-chopping, self-named Islamic State or Daesh. Other North African States are troubled and subverted. In Egypt President al-Sisi has at least wrested power from the Muslim Brotherhood whose aim is the eradication of western civilization. Will the Coptic Christians there ever be free to build and repair their churches and to distribute freely the Bible? How many Jews live in the whole of North Africa, once the home of the most powerful and prosperous, educated Jewish and Christian populations, before the mafia-style sword of Allah?
Europe’s leaders need to act before all of North Africa becomes a Jew-free and Christian-free zone.
From the fiery cauldron of the Nazi destruction of ‘non-Aryan’ populations and forced feeding of Master-race education, Europe found a way to re-assert its ancient Judeo-Christian roots. The Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was the mandatory document that signatories of the Council of Europe had to agree to before they could join. It recognized and guaranteed under law freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom from discrimination and guarantees of equality in justice, freedom of conscience and the recognition of many other essential human rights. The first session of the Council of Europe took place in August 1949. The Convention was signed on 4 November 1950 by 12 founder States.
Robert Schuman made sure that countries as diverse as Iceland and Turkey could become founder Member States. The Court of Justice at Strasbourg provides the criteria for judging on Member’s adherence. Member States who violate the European law of the Convention are liable to be suspended or even expelled.
The need for a Mediterranean Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is even greater today. The Mediterranean should be a place where all governments acknowledge the freedom to assemble, the right of all individuals to express themselves openly and to worship in accordance to their own conscience and education.
A short Monograph on Schuman’s work on the origin of aspects of the Council of Europe and the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms can be found for free at