01 January, 2016

2016: Will the Mediterranean become a Lake of Fire or a Lake of Peace?

Best wishes for peace in the New Year of 2016!
May the Mediterranean Sea become a lake of peace, as Robert Schuman planned and worked for!
Today, the Mediterranean is becoming a Lake of Fire! Syria is engulfed in a war funded and encouraged by Islamists from Turkey to the rapacious Oil States. Libya is is torn into statelets, with the possibility to become an in-your-face, terror headquarters of the bloody, head-chopping, self-named Islamic State or Daesh. Other North African States are troubled and subverted. In Egypt President al-Sisi has at least wrested power from the Muslim Brotherhood whose aim is the eradication of western civilization. Will the Coptic Christians there ever be free to build and repair their churches and to distribute freely the Bible? How many Jews live in the whole of North Africa, once the home of the most powerful and prosperous, educated Jewish and Christian populations, before the mafia-style sword of Allah?
Europe’s leaders need to act before all of North Africa becomes a Jew-free and Christian-free zone.
From the fiery cauldron of the Nazi destruction of ‘non-Aryan’ populations and forced feeding of Master-race education, Europe found a way to re-assert its ancient Judeo-Christian roots. The Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was the mandatory document that signatories of the Council of Europe had to agree to before they could join. It recognized and guaranteed under law freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom from discrimination and guarantees of equality in justice, freedom of conscience and the recognition of many other essential human rights. The first session of the Council of Europe took place in August 1949. The Convention was signed on 4 November 1950 by 12 founder States.
Robert Schuman made sure that countries as diverse as Iceland and Turkey could become founder Member States. The Court of Justice at Strasbourg provides the criteria for judging on Member’s adherence. Member States who violate the European law of the Convention are liable to be suspended or even expelled.
The need for a Mediterranean Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is even greater today. The Mediterranean should be a place where all governments acknowledge the freedom to assemble, the right of all individuals to express themselves openly and to worship in accordance to their own conscience and education.
A short Monograph on Schuman’s work on the origin of aspects of the Council of Europe and the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms can be found for free at

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