17 March, 2017

Europeans 'March on Rome' Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Map!

My message to all Europeans meeting in Rome on 25 March 2017:

Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Map!

The leaders received this message: 

” Today European institutions have fallen into a crisis of trust, disunity and confusion of policy.
Europe arose from the initiative of 18 April 1951 when six war-torn States signed a Compact of Destiny in Paris.
Signature of Treaty of Paris and Great Charter April 1951

It created the democratic institutions of a European Community. Democratic principles were that day defined in the great Charter of the Community. By rendering “unthinkable and materially impossible” a seemingly inevitable world war exploding for a third time from European soil, this compact saved, not only Europe but the world from ruin. Instead of war, Europeans planted the seeds of an unprecedented peace. It stimulated decades of growth and prosperity.
Today Leaders of the EU need to review and renew those high principles of a supranational Community. They should agree on applying them for the 21st Century.
This renewed compact is necessary to confront current crises and future challenges. It acknowledges the wisdom of our ancestors. It recognizes our responsibilities to future generations.
To help citizens regain full confidence in those institutions so that they rightfully represent and reliably serve Europe’s citizens, Europe’s leaders must re-focus on that original compact. They should then ensure they are fulfilling the letter and spirit of existing articles of the treaties.
These all stipulate:
  • a single pan-European election for Parliament under a single statute.
  • Doors in the Councils and Committees should be wide open to the public and the press.
  • The European Commission should be reduced to around a dozen members so that it acts, not for lobbies, but impartially as an Honest Broker for all European individuals, nations and interests.
Confidence and trust are the reward free citizens give to open and honest government.”

1957 marked the signature of Europe’s second and third treaties. It also marked de Gaulle’s take-over of France. He wanted to “chloroform” or destroy the European Community system to establish an autocratic control of the European Continent. In this plan the United Kingdom would be excluded. He bamboozled the Germans into paying for the Common Agricultural Programme at the expense of all other Europeans and their democratic rights.
All the deals were made by an autocratic Council of Ministers meeting behind closed doors and excluding the public and press.
Are Europeans still being fooled by de Gaulle?

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