14 June, 2024

Nuclear War looms! Ukraine punches the eyes of Russia Atomic Defense system

Betrayal and war! 
European politicians repudiated Schuman's Geopolitical Vision of a Continent of Peace and Prosperity.
What did they gain?

 Why is Ukraine attacking Russian nuclear early warning radar systems? These are the eyes and ears to prevent catastrophic atomic war. Ukraine is now boasting it hit several such systems that are the safeguards against accidental nuclear war between the West and Russia. Europeans should be aware that this folly could ignite a general war.

The Ukraine war is the outcome of Europe’s catastrophic geopolitics. The crisis is now raising the specter of World War 3. Russia, the depository of centuries of European culture, music, literature and Orthodox Christianity, is today tied up in an alien alliance with Communist China and Shiite Jihadi Iran. How did that happen?

It was foreseen decades ago. The EU was warned. That nightmare combo of anti-western forces was the inevitable outcome of egotistical tactics of Brussels politicians. Ukraine and Russia could have been key parts of a zone of peace and prosperity that embraced democracies from Portugal to the Pole. Instead politicians followed the traditional bloody path of tears that always led to war. They went further. They have tried to dismantle the only peace solution that really works.

What went so wrong? Can it be reversed?

Messing with Missiles

On 22 May a Ukrainian drone hit an early warning radar in southern Krasnodar. Was the intention to protect themselves from shelling in Ukraine? Or something else? The site is 460 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian controlled territory. Who authorized the strikes?

The site at Armavir has two Voreznh radar installations. They have a range of not merely a few hundred kilometers but 6000 kilometers or more, as they were designed for transatlantic defense. They can simultaneously track up to 500 objects the size of a football.

When the then-President Dimitry Medvedev unveiled this current generation of radar in 2011, he made it clear that it was for strategic nuclear defense. It was, he said, ‘the first signal of our country’s readiness to make an adequate response to threats’ of the US missile system in Europe.

Where did he make this announcement? Where was the first installation? In the middle of the European Union! On a peninsula into the Baltic Sea at Pionersky in Kalingrad.

This Russian exclave lies between Poland and Lithuania. It was formerly Prussian and known as Koenigsberg. The territory therefore lies surrounded by European Union territory.

The Russian radar systems can track the latest lethal supplies from USA. The USA admitted it was secretly supplying Ukraine with advanced attack missiles, ATACMS, that could target the Crimea bridge. This $300 million ‘aid package’ is highly sensitive in Russian eyes. Using Army Tactical Missiles Systems supplied by America raises the possibility that Russian will react against the US supplier in unforeseen ways.

Who choses targets?

On 26 May the Armavir attack was followed up with a longer range drone attack. This was near the Kazakstan border at Orsk, some 1500 km from Kiev.

How did a powerful drone travel this distance without being detected? How could it unerringly find its target across Russian terrain so accurately? Drones are designed to fly at low altitudes but they need precise guidance. The implication is that the Ukrainians had access to US intelligence including satellite tracking. The planning of the attacks would necessarily have US approval.

What then is the American motive? Why is the US military and political establishment partners blinding the early warning systems? If the USA has given Ukraine a free hand in choosing targets, then the peace of the world, the safety of cities all around Europe, is dependent on the integrity of Kiev decision-makers.

War is historically a curtain and cover-up for corruption of a failed regime that is being exposed. That is why honest people, the public and the press, need to expose and root out corruption wherever they can.

How far will this conflict in Ukraine go? It began as an ethnic-linguistic dispute and was magnified when it became the focus of NATO arms firms and the center of coups.

What about the Kalingrad radar system — which is far closer to Kiev than the radar at Ormsk? Is that a potential target across EU territory? How would the EU or NATO react?

Second Cuba Crisis

The open reaction of the Russians is to move a fleet of a frigate, support ships and a nuclear submarine into what was previously considered forbidden zones— including Caribbean waters around Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico where US ports are vital for supplying the US interior. The ships and submarine made port visits to Cuba and Venezuela. They launched missiles off-shore in their exercises.

Nuclear Weapons

Russia has another worry. EU States, Belgium the Netherlands, Denmark together with Norway have agreed to send high-performance F16 fighters to Ukraine. They are expected to arrive in June or July.

F16s can carry tactical nuclear weapons. Russia has declared that it is prepared to attack the NATO supply lines.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that F-16 fighter jets have long been used as part of the bloc's joint nuclear missions.

"We cannot help but consider the supply of these systems to the Kyiv regime as a deliberate signaling action by NATO in the nuclear sphere," Lavrov said.

Russia Today (RT) reported:

"[Moscow] has warned repeatedly that it would regard the jets [being] sent to Ukraine as a nuclear threat because of their capacity to carry atomic weapons."

In May former Russian President Medvedev warned that ‘Americans attacking Russian territory {with nuclear weapons} would mean World War 3.

On 29 May a Russian Kinzhal missile struck the military base and logistics hub at Yavoriv, near Lviv close to the Polish border. About 400 military were killed including NATO training staff from USA and Europe. That is turning the dispute into one of Russia versus NATO.

Who is driving this escalation? How did it come about? Can it be stopped?

Two Geopolitical Visions

In June European peoples went to vote for the European Parliament. Robert Schuman was the first president of Parliament of the three Communities in 1958. The deputies acclaimed him Father of Europe.

Politicians since then have refused to follow the treaties and his instructions about how the elections should be conducted. They work on the rule that what is important is not how people vote but who sets the rules about who votes and what the results mean in reality.

The people are prevented by government manipulation from expressing real European opinions. One question would be appropriate:

What sort of future do you want for Europe?

If given the chance, which of the alternatives would they prefer?

1. Peace and prosperity for the whole Continent of Europe

In 1950, France, in the person of its Foreign Minister Robert Schuman, proposed an end to two millennia of wars between European States. It worked. Six States agreed and founded the European Community. No one thinks that France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux will get into war between themselves again. The Community system was open to all European States — including Russia, Schuman said.

He set out a plan.

We must construct Europe, not only in the interest of the free peoples but also to be able to welcome in it the peoples of the East, who freed from the repression that they have been subject to until the present, will ask us for adhesion and for our moral support. … We consider as integrating part of a living Europe all those who desire to rejoin us in a reconstituted Community. We render homage to their courage and the faithfulness as well as their suffering and their sacrifices…

Our duty is to be ready.

In 1959 Schuman predicted that Communist regime in the Soviet Union, then at the height of its power, would fall before the turn of the century. It fell in 1991. The politicians were not ready. Nor were they prepared to make the decisions necessary to reconstruct the Continent in peace.

After the Soviet Union collapsed as Schuman and Adenauer had foretold, a period of turmoil ensued. Then free Russians declared their willingness to join European institutions.

Based on what Schuman wrote, the Schuman Project prepared and published several analyses. The European institutions apparently made no such preparations. Despite the fact that Schuman was instrumental in creating NATO, the EU and both NATO and the CIA were taken by surprise at the turn of events.

It is shameful to recall that the European heritage of Schuman had been buried by politics as usual. New bureaucratic structures blocked public accountability. A new generation of politicians boasted they could solve problems such as the post-Tito Yugoslav collapse and drift to civil war. They were proved frauds.

The following 1997 report was sent to all European Commissioners, institutions and to Member State delegations.

It proposed a sure means to bring lasting peace based on the proven results of the first three democratic Communities that ‘made war not only unthinkable but materially impossible'.

  1. European Energy Community that would embrace all countries of Europe. This would stabilize Europe’s energy needs and democratize the Central and Eastern Countries in the same way as the supranational European framework had stabilized post-Nazi Germany and other countries after WW2. Gas and oil could become a vector of peace. Euratom had ensured that there was no proliferation of nuclear weapons in W Europe. When the EU shut this trade in Russian gas, it became a one-sided means for impoverishing its own citizens and its industries.

  2. A supranational satellite security system managing rocket launching and satellites, thus assuring there would be no new cause for a Cold War.

Schuman did not say ‘Soviet Union’ because a centralized Communist regime was incompatible with the democratic requirements of the Charter of the Community. This key document of the Treaty of Paris, signed on 18 April 1951, required all States, peoples and entities to adhere to the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe (which Schuman also helped found).

The EU institutions have refused to recognize the Convention as the Charter requires. Russia for its part joined the Council of Europe. But it was then forced to withdraw.

Where is the European Community today? What happened to the greatest political innovation for peace and prosperity in Europe’s history?

Politicians have tried their best to destroy it. Piece by piece they blocked its democratic instruments, froze the people’s institutions, until they arrived at today’s European Union with its Democratic Deficit. Why? Envy? Nationalist hooliganism? Was it a death wish to return to the old policies of wars and destruction that their forefathers knew so well?

Politicians have behaved worse than graffiti-writers on precious buildings of State. They tried to bring a bull-dozer to the walls.

What have they got?

2. A Continent divided by war with nuclear threats

What happened to Schuman’s vision of a European home? What have the politicians done by controlling and blocking the right of peoples to vote? What is the result of secret councils of leaders the people do not trust?

Russia is at war with Ukraine. The EU and NATO are supplying weapons to Ukraine. That act stops peace-making. Gas became a political game. The EU stopped its Russian energy supplies to European citizens. The pipelines were sabotaged. Who bombed the gas pipelines? Brussels does not want to know. Why?

Brussels has abandoned any pretence of impartiality. The EU leaders pose as supporters of one of the two sides, (both considered the most corrupt in Europe), while not officially declaring war on Russia.

If you leave your money in a bank, whose money is it? The US is urging the EU to seize/ steal all Russia’s $300 billion monetary wealth left in Euroclear while, like insensible thieves, they appear unaware of the consequences elsewhere. These include, not only self-inflicted destruction of trust in their banking system upon which any currency is based, but legal action worldwide that an ‘evil’ and not-so-passive Russia might take. Russian officials threatened the West with a "severe" response and "endless" legal challenges if the assets are touched.

Ukraine is presently without an elected president, it has banned opposition parties, taken their property, closed churches and demanded that the EU pay for its military and civilians.

Geopolitical Questionnaire

Ask any schoolchild, or better any politician:

  • What are the principles of the European Community that brought Europe its peace?

  • What are the differences between the Community and the EU?

  • Name the two most corrupt States in Europe.

  • Which State. which leader, can you trust as being honest?

  • Eliminate the propaganda of those who aren’t honest and ask sort of you decisions you would then make.

  • Why is the EU has nearly 450 million people poor compared with the 335 million of the USA. The EU’s GDP used to far exceed America’s. Why has it shrunk and is shrinking?

  • European Union

    • European Union GDP for 2022 was $16,746.54B, a 3.28% decline from 2021.

    • European Union GDP for 2021 was $17,315.22B, a 12.57% increase from 2020.

    • European Union GDP for 2020 was $15,381.17B, a 1.99% decline from 2019.

    • European Union GDP for 2019 was $15,693.43B, a 1.8% decline from 2018.


    • U.S. GDP for 2022 was $25,439.70B, a 9.11% increase from 2021.

    • U.S. GDP for 2021 was $23,315.08B, a 10.71% increase from 2020.

    • U.S. GDP for 2020 was $21,060.47B, a 1.5% decline from 2019.

    • U.S. gdp for 2019 was $21,380.98B, a 4.13% increase from 2018.

  • Who is more important from the EU leaders: the European people or US leadership?

  • Who is the prime suspect for bombing the German pipeline bringing gas from Russia?

  • Who is gaining most from the Ukraine war?

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