06 May, 2022

Democratic Deficit Deepens at the Conference on the Future of Europe

How the EU institutions refused to Discuss Democracy.

On 7 May 2021 

I wrote the following contribution for the section DEMOCRACY on website of the Conference on the Future of Europe.  

FIRST TIME EVER! Politicians promise to publish 

Europe's Founding Democracy Charter on this site

07/05/2021 15:31   

For the first time our European leaders (Commission, Council, Parliament) promised to publish here the documents showing how Europeans got their democracy. They show how and why Europeans did not fight another war amongst themselves after WW2. Documents on how Europeans should develop their democracy in FIVE INSTITUTIONS with as Guardian Human Rights Court of the Council of Europe were signed 70 years ago, 18 April 1951.
These are the most important documents of modern times.
Astoundingly the five European institutions have NEVER published these vital documents. Politicians refused. Following the request of EurDemocracy.com, now they will be!
1. Full text of Schuman Declaration (including the Schuman Proposal) made on 9 May 1950. It shows how Europeans have avoided WAR for the longest time in more than 2000 years.
2. The Great Charter of the Community signed on 18 April 1951. This is also called the Declaration of Interdependence. It shows how citizens must have FREE CHOICE in treaties and election of the five institutions. Instead treaties such as the present Lisbon Treaty (and its previous version the Constitutional Treaty) were implemented AGAINST the Will of the People as expressed in public opinion polls and referendums. Europe must not develop like the fraudulent 'People's Democracies' of the Soviet bloc. Elitist Politburo imposed decisions from behind closed doors. Treaties say Councils should be OPEN to the public. Treaties ban party membership for Commission.

On 10 April 2022 

I posted the following update of my letter to leaders of the institutions.

Letter sent to French Presidency and Members of European Parliament, Commission Vice President Suica, and Democracy spokesperson.
see full text at

Dear Conference presidents,
I am a journalist accredited in Brussels and Editor of the Schuman Project.
On 19 April 2021 (the day after the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris, founding the European Community) Vice President of the Commission Mme Dubravka Suica, Mme Zacarias of the Portuguese EU presidency and Mr Guy Verhofstadt of the EP held a press conference at the Commission launching the Conference on the Future of Europe.
I asked that the original documents on Democracy agreed and signed by the Founding Fathers be published to facilitate the debate and conference decisions on European democracy.
All three institutions agreed that they would be published for the Conference and analysed.
They still have NOT BEEN PUBLISHED!

Nearly 1000 people said they were following this online

One Comment on this said:

Congratulations Mr David PRICE,

I have followed the EU Conference on the Future of Europe and have never found anything as interesting as your publication.

On 6 May 2022, 

I published the following:


Today I asked Commission, Council and EP officials:

WHY have the foundational documents on Democracy, STILL NOT been PUBLISHED, as promised by Commission Vice President Suica, Council President Zacarias, EP Guy Verhofstadt on 19April 2021??

I was refused an answer as I had asked this earlier in the Commission Press Room. (But had not received an explanation!)

I also asked: why has the analysis of democracy not been published, comparing the original Community system to the present 'EU' system as also agreed by institutional leaders a year ago?

A high Commission official said: We are interested in the future not the past.


The institutions confirm that for them Democracy is a thing of the past!!


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