18 December, 2020

2020: the year Democracy almost died. And 2021?

The von der Leyen Commission announced that in 2020 they would hold a conference on the Future of Europe.

We are still waiting.

Meanwhile democracy is dying.

Will it be revived in 2021?

That depends on a lot of things, not all of them European.

In the USA, blatant fraud occurred in the presidential elections. In five or more key States, massive dumps of Biden ballots were recorded in the dead of night. Ballot observers had been banned or had been sent home. Dead men, even dead cats had voted! How? A flood of mail-in votes had been sent out based on very dubious electoral lists. Millions were returned in signed envelopes.

Then, curiously, the main US media kept repeating that such accusations by thousands of observers – in sworn affidavits – were unsubstantiated. Was the press showing extraordinary apathy or partisanship?

Journalists are required by any democracy to make a full investigation of allegations and report to the public. They are not supposed to freely distribute ‘Get out of Jail’ cards to politicians.

And speaking of going to jail, the US Attorney General Bill Barr was widely criticised for sitting on evidence for corruption by the Biden family. Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from Hell’, as many including President Trump call it, is full of material indicating he was compromised by Communist China’s chief spy – in his own words – and other material of a disgusting criminal nature.

What must be shocking is that so few journalists went out of their way to verify the authenticity of the laptop data. They were blocked from distributing the facts. The venerable New York Post, founded by Alexander Hamilton, had its reports banned on the internet.

What does this mean?

Is massive corruption across the US political system an illusion? Or, as President Trump and much social media puts it, are politics and public money controlled by the Swamp, an interactive network of cartels, corruption and grime?

So when we return our focus to Europe we find that much of this vital information is not being reported in the European press. Or the mention of the ‘Biden crime family’ only becomes reported after the election, when forced into the open. The shocking consequences of the news have past.

Investigative journalism has now fallen on the citizen’s shoulder. Through social media, everyone has the means to by-pass press censorship of the cartel of Info-Tech Giants, Amazon, Google, FaceBook, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter.

Robert Schuman, the founder of the European Community, warned that cartels and such a network of bureaucrats with fixed ideological or corrupt intent posed the primary danger to European democracy.

So how is the EU faring?

It seems to have closed its eyes to external threats. It treats the world as if it were full of Sunday School commercial friends. Hence Iran, which wishes to build an atomic bomb to threaten and devastate its enemies in the region, has become the great potential, petroleum pal. European exports to Iran will help boost industrialists’ profits.

China, the once sleeping giant, has now shown its dragon teeth. Communism seems to be but a passing phase. The predominant geopolitical policy is to make the entire world recognise that and the Middle Kingdom of Xi Jinping. It requires world subservience to China’s intelligence and mastery. Two and a half millennia ago, Sun Tzu set its doctrine of winning by deception: Break the enemy’s resistance by infiltration without fighting. Today China has its ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ doctrine.

While 1.65 million people worldwide have died from the ‘China virus’, a mere 4634 have died of it among the 1.3 billion Chinese. Wuhan nightclubs thrive.

The western economy is thrashed. Experts predict the EU should expect more thrashing into 2021.

Frightened by the implications, many politicians do not wish to consider they were hit by a bio-weapon. A full analysis of the virus DNA and its enhanced transmission capability is still lacking for the public.

Where does the European citizen stand as we finish this memorable year? The British left in a Brexit huff because of the ever-deepening Democratic Deficit. The European Commission is now trying to modify and extend its control of the so-called Charter of Human Rights. Upside-down logic. This document was introduced to displace the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe. The ‘Charter’ was part of the Constitutional Treaty. The people of France and the Netherlands rejected them both. Then after the people’s rejection, the EU version of ‘Human Rights’ was imposed – without the people’s voice and in fact against it! The articles of the rejected treaty were all instituted as the Lisbon Treaty. No British referendum.

The Brussels bureaucrats seized the opportunity of the Covid 19 crisis to overturn the founding, sound money principle of the Budget. In the Community, the budget had to be balanced every year. Why? Because the borrower is slave to the lender. Today the EU budget is bloated by extra trillions of euros that will mortgage the future generations to debt slavery.


How will 2021 turn out? Better or worse?

We will find out in January when the US Electoral College votes are presented to Congress. The US presidency is not called by CNN or when Mme von der Leyen congratulates Mr Biden. The US Congress ultimately decides whether to call out electoral fraud and even restrain the cartels that set out to control our world.

Happy New Year!


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