08 May, 2020

What is the most important date in European History?

What is the most important date in European History? 

Was the most important Date in European History any of the following?

Was it the end of World War 2?
The end of bloody warfare,
concentrations camps, slavery and genocide,
mass slaughter of millions, and
the Atomic Bomb?
Was it the end of World War 1?
The end of four empires German, Russian, Austria-Hungary, Turkish Ottoman.
The rise of Hitler.
Was it the Magna Carta of 1215 in Great Britain?
The Great Charter of Freedoms laid the legal basis for due process of Law,
church rights,
public freedom from autocratic powers of government,
limitation of taxes.
Was it the French Revolution or the Democratic Revolutions of 1848?

It was none of these.

None of these brought Europe its most precious gain, its attribute of most value. What s that?
All the famous dates in history did not bring that freedom from war and belligerent tyrants.

Our most important date is when

Europe began its happiest and most prosperous period in all its history. Do you know when, why and who originated it?

Be thankful you live in THE LONGEST PERIOD OF PEACE and PROSPERITY in all Western EUROPE’S HISTORY.

Proclaimed Father of Europe by the European Parliament !1950 European Community & Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
resulting in

Western Europe’s FIRST three-quarters of a century of peace in all its history !

What happened on 9 May 1950?

The French Government under Prime Minister Georges Bidault agreed officially to Schuman’s Proposal for a European Community. It therefore became official Government policy and is known as the
It called on all European countries to join with it to form a European Economic Community whose main aim was to bring eternal peace to the peoples who had known war for more than 2000 years.

What is it all about?
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What was the Purpose of the Schuman Proposal?
Did this mark the real birth of Europe?

The first declared purpose of the Schuman Declaration is PEACE
Was the first Community to be open to all Europeans in East and West?
Was the first Community offered as an experiment or designed as a solid foundation and necessary first action to transform Europe as a whole?
Why was coal and steel so important?
How would placing these industries under a supranational authority help?
What were the main principles of supranationality?
Was an aim of the Coal and Steel Community to create a single market?
Do a Common Market and a common currency figure in the proposal?
When did the French Government first propose to other European States to create European Democracy and a Customs Union?
What is the chronology of Schuman’s work on Human Rights and elimination of war in Europe?
What are the five main democratic institutions of the European Community (as distinct from the present European Union).

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