14 May, 2015

Circus9: European Commission EP Report discloses 2019 Election Dirty Tricks

The Christian Democrat  EPP, Socialists and Liberals think they have the eternal right to select old and pensioned-off politicians to be their Commissioners. The European Commission, was once a politician-free zone. It was then much more effective politically. One Commission president was a law professor, another was an engineer, a third was formerly a trades unionist.Together they stood firm against the powerful nationalist policy of de Gaulle who wanted to destroy the very idea of a European Community. Party hacks would have compromised the idea of Justice and European rights.
How do I know? Just look what party politicians are doing today, ignoring treaty articles on citizens’ rights in the smoke of their own propaganda machines! Read their reports to each other!
Now composed of entirely of party politicians contrary to Treaty law, the party political Commission has just explained in a Report how it wishes to seize permanent, undemocratic control of the European Commission. It won’t discuss flagrant political bias and abuse against the citizens, financial corruption and tax.
The treaties say the Commission should be composed of a small number of independent, experienced people from all walks of life. The treaties forbid national governments choosing national representatives. They forbid party politicians becoming Commissioners because that is a temptation for corruption. These rules have been turned on their head.
In 2013 the governments in Council were supposed to reduce the number of Commissioners.  What did they do? They decided without telling the public that the Commission would be entirely composed of party political national buddies acting as representatives. And they refused to tell the public of their decision or discuss it!  Is this shocking fact discussed in the new Commission report?
What do you think?
Last year’s European Parliament election had the lowest turnout of the voters — EVER! It was not due to apathy. The nationalist parties around Europe whether the Scottish Nationalist Party in UK or the National Front (FN) in France or the True Finns in Finland can all bring out their voters. The so-called ‘anti-Europeans’ like UKIP, are also increasing their support. Greece has its neo-Communist, anti-austerity party. Italy barely escaped from its own instant party government led by a comedian Beppe Grillo. In 2013 it rose from nothing to become the largest party in the Italian Chamber of Deputies.
The parallel decline in the European vote while the nationalist vote is booming shows that voters believe that European democracy is not working. The only way Joe and Jane Voter have to influence European policy is to select a nationalist party to fight their corner behind the closed doors of the Council.
Europe celebrated 65 years since its first treaty. Yet it has NEVER had a proper European election as repeated in articles in all the many European treaties. It has 28 national elections for the EP, each with its own electoral rules that favour national cartel parties. This allows some nationals to have the equivalent of ten or more votes and others none! The report says there is a need to act ‘far in advance of the next elections‘ but is the need for uniform, fair electoral rules discussed?
What do you think? What the report discusses is how to get politicians permanently into the 2019 Commission as antidemocratic, nepotistic ‘lead candidates‘. Mr Juncker selected by a handful of EPP faithful then got only 10 percent of the electorate to vote for him. In UK it was close to zero.
(The cartel parties think they know all the tricks. Take the example of the first-past-the-post trick in the Mother of Parliaments. UKIP’s 3.8 million votes resulted in just one seat in the House of Commons! Compare that with 56 MPs the SNP got with only 1.5 million votes! But social media is encouraging instant, rebel or anti-establishment parties, overtaking a century of tradition.)
Both nationalists and anti-Europeans are beaming a red light and blasting a siren warning to Brussels.
The Brussels political clique — composed of the EPP (Christian Democrats), the Liberals and the Socialists — are not listening. Their eyes are tight shut. They are already on the road to try an fleece the voters of democratic rights for the next European Parliament in 2019.
What does the European Commission’s official ‘Report on the 2014 European Parliament elections‘  say? The cover is labelled (or should I say libels) ‘Justice and Consumers‘!
‘The 2014 elections stemmed the steady fall in overall turnout since the first direct Elections in 1979.’
Oh! Really?  If that is so, can all Europeans now go to the betting shop and place a big bet on the election turnout in 2019 being bigger? The Commission, as far as I know, has no powers of prophecy. It has Gaullist-style five-year or ten-year plans such as that for 2000,  and so on to 2020.  After many populations in several referendums had rejected outright what later became the Lisbon Treaties, these ‘plans‘ refused even to discuss democracy. The 2020 plan also refused to discuss energy blackmail that costs Europeans trillions of euros. That for 2030 refused to discuss how Europeans made war both ‘unthinkable and materially impossible‘.
These plans are characterized by myopia and blindness. Today Europeans are robbed by gas and oil energy providers and surrounded by hostile forces in the East and by religious fanatics across the Mediterranean and in the Middle East.
Europe needs proper democracy. Even putting to one side the shock victory of UK Prime Minister David Cameron over the entire gaggle of pollsters, that totally inaccurate prediction of stemming voter decline is not what an impartial Commission of civil servants should be publishing at taxpayers’ expense. It is politicized and politically biased nonsense. Eurocrats are supposed to publish facts not fiction.
The Commission’s full-colour 24-page report has no reference number or ISDN except saying that it is from the Commission’s Justice and Consumer section. The Eurocrat folks there must have a bizarre sense of law and justice and a rather twisted view of consumer rights!
The truth is the 2014 EP election saw the lowest voter participation EVER! Therefore the trend is down, down, and continuously down! There was no upturn. No break in the trend. Here are the actual figures given in the report showing there is no stemming to the downward trend. If it were not for some Member States like Belgium and Greece where voting is mandatory by law, the average would be even lower. Many other States would reflect the woeful rates of the Czech Republic ( with18% turnout) or Slovakia (13%). Here are the figures from the Report itself:
1979      1984      1989      1994      1999      2004      2009      2014
62        59         58.4           56.7         49.5          45.5         43         42.6
percentage voter turnout at European elections.
The politicians who have seized control of the institutions cannot even raise enthusiastic voters among the populace of the new Member States! In Croatia only one in four voted. Why? People ask: ‘What’s it all for, seeing the budget and practical results of the funds are cooked up in secret in closed door budget or tax discussions!’ No press is allowed! What a travesty of ‘no taxation without representation‘ — the cry of the American Revolution. The representatives of Justice and Consumer Affairs have formed an opaque cartel of corruption.
Why would the Commission want to publish a bald fib? The answer is in the Report’s next sentence.
These elections have laid the ground for future European elections and established a clear link between the results of the European Parliament elections and the choice of the European Commission President.
The Report is an official Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of Regions. That means it’s an official legal document. It also exposes another lie.
Together with the Court of Justice these bodies represent the real institutions of the European Community system regardless of what the fraudulent, fog-ridden Lisbon Treaties say. (They say that the Court of Auditors, the European Central Bank are institutions. If they really were, why don’t they get a copy?) Only the Council, Parliament and Consultative Committees have the right to revise the Commission’s legislative proposals. Did the Report explain that?
What do you think?
The Founding Fathers said that not only should Members of the European Parliament be elected on uniform European basis, the Members of the Consultative Committees should be elected on a fully European basis. They should represent European economic, regional and professional organizations, with powers equivalent to the Council of Ministers.
The Report asserts that the elections were
the first to take place since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and were fundamentally different from those which preceded them. For the first time, a direct link was established between the outcome of the elections and the appointment of the European Commission President.
This too is a bit of a fib. None of the treaties (including the Lisbon Treaty) say that any legal authority exists linking the EP elections  and the selection of the Commission’s members. They say the REVERSE! Both institutions should be independent of each other. More importantly, and for very good reasons of anti-corruption, the Commissioners should all be totally independent. They should be the opposite of partisan politicians. They should be non-partisan.  Thus the ‘direct link‘ which the report speaks of is a corrupting link! It is flannel designed to flaunt the law of the treaties and Justice!
The Lisbon Treaty merely states that the Commission should be selected after the European Parliament elections. It defines the TIMING. That was thoroughly discussed when the treaty was put together. Many people objected to the ‘parachuting’ of politicians into the Commission.  It is against the letter and spirit of the Community system. Candidates should come from all citizens, engineers, lawyers, NGOs, unionists, journalists, academics, diplomats, all who can show they have a conscience free of party ideology. The Lisbon Treaty actually guaranteed this:
Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union. TEU article 10.
The politicians are creating a trick to ‘interpret’ law differently — as a means to create jobs for their party guys. They want the total exclusion of normal citizens who are independent. All who are not members of three main political party groups — about 98 percent of the EU’s population are OUT.
What are the final objectives of the politicians’ cartel on seizing the Commission and making it a party secretariat? They want to make sure for the long-term future that only politicians can be Commissioners.
It is a policy that will lead to disaster. They may get away with it for a bit. But what happens when their national governments change?  What happens when the National Front controls France? What happens when UKIP breaks through the frustrating first-past-the-post barriers and forms a coalition government or — horror of horrors — forms its own government? What happens if and when Scotland with a SNP government separates from the UK? What happens in Spain, Catalonia, Italy, Greece? The rise of one nationalist movement will encourage the rise of nationalism in neighbouring countries or the parent nation.
If the governments become more and more nationalist, then the Commission will be composed in part or in whole of ultra-nationalists!  Who will speak impartially, without fear or favour, for the European common good? Who will stop national governments fiddling the election rules and giving extra votes to its parties? The ‘mainstream’ cartel political parties, who have put their politicians’ careers ahead of citizens’ rights,  will eat the fruit of their own corruption.
Consumers and Justice will suffer most.

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