29 March, 2011

Truth12: EU's refusal to celebrate Europe's 60th Anniversary of Peace and Democracy means it is set again on the way of war.

Should European fighter aircraft be bombing and strafing tanks and killing soldiers across the EU's southern borders? Is there a better way, a way to peace? Can Europe's greatest success be applied across North Africa? The greatest event in recent European history -- perhaps in all of European history over the last recorded two thousand years -- is that Europe is now at peace.

Permanent Peace.

Until the creation of Europe's first Community, every generation across the Community territory knew war. Either the current generation was recovering from war, preparing war or actually fighting wars with its neighbours. Do the present leadership of Europe know of the Founding Fathers' plans to bring peace and prosperity to Africa? Do they ever discuss them? When has Brussels subsidized, funded or even encouraged a whisper of such an idea? Would it use its system of 'official' bribes to have someone talk about a supranational peace system for Africa?

On 18 April 1951 the Founding Fathers of Europe signed an agreement that would make war 'not only unthinkable but materially impossible'. They signed the Treaty of Paris. On the same day they also agreed to a Great Charter, declaring that they were setting out on a new adventure of Democracy. Their destinies because of this were now shared in this peace project.

Is the European Union going to celebrate this hugely important anniversary so that the whole world can learn the way of peace? Are European leaders going to explain how European democracy is supposed to work according to those supranational principles that the Governments said were the TRUE Foundation of Europe?

The European institutions have already refused to publish the full text of the Schuman Declaration for the 60th Anniversary of Robert Schuman's dramatic announcement at the French Foreign Ministry. Schuman repeated this statement on radio and for the press. Why are the European institutions so anti-Schuman? Is it something to do with a bad conscience about refusal to recognize referendums and the lack of democracy in the present Lisbon Treaty?

The present political cartel are apparently trying a new strategy unknown in the abysmal record of their devious and disgraceful Public Relations campaigns, such as the mendacious, multi-million 50th 'Birthday' campaign.

What's their new game? They will announce their plans of what, how, where Europe's 500 million citizens can celebrate Democracy AFTER the date is past! That way they hope no one will notice THEY HAD NO INTENTION EVER TO COMMEMORATE IT AND WITH IT DISCUSS EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY ITSELF. If any European wishes to celebrate European democracy, he or she can do it privately in their own homes! Who on earth will celebrate the appalling state of European democracy spontaneously -- that is WITHOUT a bribe, subvention, 'partial funding' or cash from the Brussels cartel? Who has any real enthusiasm?

No celebration confirms no democracy is now being built. Rather the reverse, a retreat from Democracy and the principles of Peace. A PolitBuro system is being erected based on the secretive European Council.

THAT HAS SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. If you ignore the way of peace you are directing your steps to the WAY OF WAR. And not only for the Commission and the politicians of the European institutions. That means the leaders and their obedient officials are directing the EUROPEAN PEOPLES onto a war path. The whole Continent will suffer.

The following gives the last exchanges of my correspondence with the European Commission, started two years ago, asking them what are the EU's plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of European Democracy on 18 April 2011.
Here is the banal correspondence on this the most important issue of our times.

I asked the European Commission what were its plans to publish:
  • the authentic text of the Schuman Declaration
  • the text of the Great Charter of Inter-Dependence signed by the Founding Fathers providing the foundational principles of supranational democracy for Europe that has brought for Europeans the longest period of peace in Europe's more than two thousand year history.
Director General
DG Communication
European Commission

16 March 2011

Dear Mr Sorensen,
I have not yet received a reply to the following letter. I would be grateful to receive one as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,

The letter asks about the Commission's plans for celebrating the 60th Anniversary of European Democracy on 18 April 2011. It makes plain that the FULL text of the Schuman Declaration should be published by the Commission instead of the abbreviated or censored version it usually publishes. It explains what is the authentic text and where it is. The EU should also publish for the first time in the Commission's history the Great Charter of European Inter-Dependence signed by the Founding Fathers, France's Schuman, Germany's Adenauer, Belgium's Van Zeeland, Meurice, Luxembourg's Bech, Italy's Sforza, The Netherlands' Stikker and van den Brink.

I introduced a second complaint to the European Ombudsman, following my earlier one 1200/2011/RT on the same subject.

The following email arrived Mar 24, 2011 4:50 pm from DG Communication of the Commission .
Please find enclosed a letter that was sent to you on Friday the 11th of March to explain to you that your letter was being analysed.

Please rest assured that you will get a reply within the deadline indicated in the attached letter.

Yours etc
The attached letter, dated 11 March, said
Thank you for your letter to Director General Claus H Sorensen which has received our fullest attention.

The answer to your letter requires further work which is currently in progress.

You can normally expect a reply within six weeks of this letter.

Yours sincerely.

DG Communication
Emphasis added.

I replied as following on Friday, 25 March 2011, 1:04 am
Subject: Re: 60th Anniversary of Europe's Great Charter and Treaty of Paris: legal texts

Dear Ms C
Thank you for your email. I have no record of receiving this letter earlier. That is why I asked the Ombudsman to act a second time. May I draw to your attention to the fact that I asked the question about what measures the Commission would be taking to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Charter of Inter-dependence two years ago. I have had a mixture of refusal to reply and obfuscation since then. This is hard for me to understand as the query was about the 60th anniversary of a public event, the signature by the Founding Fathers of what they considered the foundational document for Europe, after having brought into existence the foundational supranational Community of Europe. Both the treaty signing and this Charter are well recorded in the public records, newspapers, radio, photographs, film and books. It should not be a surprise to a civil service that is used to commemorate important events. Yet I have still had no inkling of what, if anything, is being prepared.

You have now given me a deadline for your response which is the 'normally' before 22 April 2011 -- several days after the date of 18 April 2011. This would seem to render futile any and all attempts over these two years to remind the Commission to assume correctly its public responsibilities as guardian of the treaties. What conclusion may I draw from this?

Yours sincerely,
On Monday 28 March 2011 I wrote the following to the European Ombudsman with copies to Mr Barroso and DG Communication

Complaint No: 0663/2011/RT

Dear Mr Ombudsman,
I have received the following email from the Commission which makes a mockery out of all my correspondence with them over the last several years. It is an affront to European democracy. I asked the Commission about EU plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of European democracy, as defined by the Founding Fathers and refusal so far to publish what the Founding Fathers said and signed as a Charter of Democracy.

The enclosed letter says that the Commission will reply to me within six weeks -- that is after the 60th Anniversary on the 18 April!!! Even if they replied today it would be practically useless.

I ask you to take urgent action in relation to my complaint. Please expose this flagrant maladministration against European democracy publicly.

Many thanks for your help,

Yours sincerely,

David P
Schuman Project

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