30 April, 2010

European Council's refusal to publish and explain the SCHUMAN DECLARATION is an insult to 500 million Europeans

For more than half a century the European Council of Ministers and the European Commission have refused to tell the truth about their own origins. In all that period they have never -- to my knowledge -- published the complete text of the SCHUMAN DECLARATION. They have never explained what a supranational, democratic Community was all about.

On 9 May 1950 -- 60 years ago -- Robert Schuman made a declaration before the press at the Foreign Ministry. He made a broadcast on French radio that shocked the whole population, not only of France but of all of Europe, the United States and the Soviet Union too. He made clear exactly what his purposes were and what the future would hold. He explained it had GLOBAL consequences and would eventually democratise the whole of Europe based on supranational principles.

This was the real beginning of today's European Union. It made clear that Europe must be built on the basis of SUPRANATIONAL DEMOCRACY. The Commission or the Council of Ministers who have the prime responsibility have never explained the purpose of the Europe's first European Community -- the European Coal and Steel Community.

The politicians have obfuscated. If they had told the truth they would not have been able to take untold millions of taxpayers' money to use on a disinformation campaign in 2007. This 'Europe together since 1957' produces the false propaganda that quote 'the Treaty of Rome laid the foundations of the modern EU.' The Economic Treaty of Rome could not have laid the foundation of the present EU if Europe had torn itself apart in war as everyone was predicting in 1950.

Why did the politicians order this fraudulent campaign? What sort of schizophrenic public relations or twisted thinking does it require among the secretive officials of the European Council? Why did heads of government -- supposedly all 27 democracies -- agree to this disinformation? Europe celebrates 9 May as Europe day, celebrating 9 May 1950. This led to the extraordinary Treaty of Paris of 18 April 1951. It is the foundational treaty of the EU. It was really foundational because it created a step-by-step plan for supranational democracy. Real democracy serves the Community, it does not dictate, nor impose a false governance system. The Treaty of Paris was accompanied by the Declaration of Interdependence of Europeans signed by all the founding fathers of the Community. It contrasted real democracy with the false one of the Soviet 'People's democracies' by saying that the people must be 'free to choose'.

This Declaration of European democracy is extremely embarrassing to self-serving politicians and purveyors of disinformation. The Founding Fathers say that the first supranational institution created by the Treaty of Paris is the TRUE FOUNDATION of Europe. It laid down the foundational principle that Europe must be based on democratic principles. Europe cannot be changed by a dictator like Charles de Gaulle, who thought his single voice was worth more than everyone else's combined. Nor can the real Europe be changed by fraudulent so-called Reform Treaties (like the Constitutional Treaty or the Lisbon Treaty) created by a secretive cartel of political parties for their own benefit. All institutional questions must be decided by people who are FREE TO CHOOSE.

What on earth has Europe Day on 9 May have to do with the Treaty of Rome of 1957? It merely shows that the leaders of the European Council are willing to distort and try to change the truth for dubious, self-serving political purposes. As such they have lost the most important attribute of leadership, TRUST.

The first single market -- the FIRST common market -- in the Community was created on 10 February 1953. Goods of the community were allowed to circulate without tariffs or quotas across all Six founder States. Does the Council think they can use the Goebbels technique and repeat fibs until people think it must be true?

Today the European Union is the largest economic power in the world. It far outstrips the USA. Politicians try to base their Foreign Policy on old-fashioned internationalism, not supranational democracy. It has disastrous results. No one takes shifty, undemocratic politicians seriously.

A Reuters correspondent recently wrote that the 27-member European Union produces an economy almost as large as the United States and China combined but have, so far, largely failed to make much of a dent in American perceptions that theirs is a collection of cradle-to-grave nanny states doomed to be left behind in a 21st century that will belong to China.

Up to 1950 the European States were a mixed bag of impoverished, ruined and competing States. Instead of learning the lesson of cooperation they were entering on a new period of cut-throat competition between each other, raising tariff barriers and locking out trade between each other. War seemed inevitable to many observers. Isn't the REAL ORIGIN of the world's super-power important to know?

More importantly than giving Europeans the greatest period of prosperity it had ever known in its long, long history, the Schuman Declaration did something else. It brought peace. In 1950 Europe was divided. Everyone was expecting a new war.

In fact two types of wars loomed. Firstly there was the Cold War with the Soviet Union, which had occupied northern, central and eastern Europe. Secondly there was a potential war again with Germany which was rapidly rising in economic power and challenging France. Charles de Gaulle wanted the Allies to change the borders of Germany and give France all the land to the Rhine, the Saarland and also give it control of the industrialized Ruhr area. This would have made another European war inevitable when Germany became strong enough to challenge this power grab.

Schuman opposed this nationalistic stupidity that constantly led to war. He said it would lead to world suicide. As Prime Minister (1947-8) and long-serving Foreign Minister of France (1948-53) he created the Council of Europe with its Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. He was a founder of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He laid the democratic foundation for the German democracy, often with major opposition in France and also the Allies, USA and Great Britain.

It was the 9 May 1950 Schuman Declaration that began the process to 'make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible'. For two thousand years nearly every generation in Europe experienced WAR. They were suffering consequences of war or preparing a new one, or fighting it.

On 9 May 1950 all that changed. Europe has not had an internal war since 1945 -- 65 years. You should be eternally grateful you are living in this generation that has not known Europe tearing itself apart.

Ask the Commissioners HOW that happened. That is your right as a citizen! Ask your elected politician in the European Parliament. Ask the ministers who attend the Council of Ministers and believe they are the leaders of all Europeans. If he or she is worth his salt, he should be able to explain.

To compare what the Commission say is the text of the Schuman Declaration and to see what is the really FULL text of the Schuman Declaration, go to the Commission site at http://europa.eu/abc/symbols/9-may/decl_en.htm or see the full text on www.schuman.info/9May1950.htm . To test yourself on why Europeans are benefiting from the Community system click on www.schuman.info/proppurp.htm . To find out why the politicians and eurocrats cut out the most important parts of the Schuman Declaration, check the first article in this series.

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