16 May, 2018

As Vision lacks, EU chief says Karl Marx, not Schuman, is Europe's greatest thinker

In a speech 4 May 2018 in Trier, Germany to commemorate the 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx, the EU’s Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker disclosed his shocking personal opinion. He said that

Marx “is the mentor of the revolution of the proletariat and working people all over the world. He is the main founder of Marxism, the founder of Marxist political parties, and the creator of international Communism and the greatest thinker of modern times.” (emphasis added)

This might be a little hard to take amongst the EU countries previously occupied by force by the Soviet Union. Perhaps this is the reason that, quite exceptionally, the Commission did not publish this speech or offer photos.
Nor did Mr Juncker apparently reply to a letter of 1 May from eminent members of the US Congress representing the Victims of Communism Caucus. It strongly urged him not to attend the Marx festival and the unveiling of Communist China’s gift of the monster Marx monument. The Congressmen pointed out – in contradiction to what Mr Juncker actually said about Marx being misunderstood – that as early as 1848 he had militated for “revolutionary terror”. Terror was, said Marx, the only method to shorten “the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society.” With a worldwide death toll of more than 100 million, Marx’s ideology is the most destructive in human history, the Congressmen wrote.

A few days later on Schuman Day 9 May, President Juncker addressed the Flemish Regional Parliament.

Schuman Day marks the beginning of the European Community when the French government proposed that other European countries join it in creating a European Community within the Human Rights framework of the Council of Europe, originally called the European Union. (Schuman’s government had proposed the latter in 1948.) Mr Juncker spoke of the apparently inevitable and unstoppable decline of Europe. Its share of global wealth and population would decline drastically, he declared.
It was what Americans might call a Make Europe Small Soon, MESS, as distinct from President Trump’s Make America Great Again, MAGA.
Territorial size made no difference to the United Kingdom – a small group of islands offshore from the Continent – which in the twentieth century created an empire embracing a quarter or more of the entire globe. Nor did its smallness make any difference when all the ancient States of the Continent fell under the Nazi yoke. Britain stood alone.
Schuman too stood alone as prisoner of the brutal, SS General and Reichskommissar Josef Buerckel.  He rejected the threats of the SS who told him he faced death in Dachau if he did not collaborate with Nazis. At different times and in different circumstances, both Schuman and Churchill affirmed the Vision that they were imperfect instruments as God worked out his Master Plan below. Thank God!
In 1946 Schuman and Churchill stood side by side to build a new democratic Europe.

Jean-Claude Juncker is a native of one of EU's smallest States. Yet the royal House of Luxembourg once ruled the mighty “Holy Roman Empire.” Today it hosts some of the world's biggest banks and international companies. But that did not seem to play an argument on Mr Juncker’s unresolvable pessimism. When it comes to the EU, Mr Juncker seemed to embrace of the dangers of being small.

His message was Think Small. Above all, Submissive and Small. And Powerless.

“Europe is very little continent,” he said. “We don’t know it but the others know it.” Who these others are he did not explain. Europe covers 5.5 million square kilometres, Russia has 17 million square kilometres.   The logic of this did not seem to matter: Russia has only a quarter of the Europe’s population.
“Europe,” said Mr Juncker, “had 25 percent of world Gross National Product at the turn of the twentieth century. In a few years we will be at 20 percent. And then at 15 percent.”
“We will lose our economic power. We had 25 percent of the world’s population at the end of the previous century and will be 4 percent at the end of this century when the world population will be 10 billion.
In 20 years time there will not be one Member States representing one percent of world population, he told the Belgian politicians.
“The moment is come,” declared Mr Juncker, "to concentrate on these essential facts.”

This is not the first time that Mr Juncker has been going around sowing gloom and despondency to politicians in their roosts. What is the purpose of these gloomy forecasts based on suppositions and hypotheses?
Perhaps Mr Juncker feels that Europe is in what Marx called the crisis of capitalism. It seems that Mr Juncker is mesmerized by Marx's Dialectical Materialism. That is the core error, something that Schuman saw as the principal mistake of our Age.

Mr Juncker doesn’t seem to understand what a crisis really is. WW2 paralyzed the economy with debt and inflation, killed many of the finest men and women, and destroyed cities. Nationalism was in hyperdrive. In 1947-8 Europe was faced with an existential crisis of millennial-size proportions. After World War II politicians, diplomats and think tanks feared the total disintegration of Europe into a system of perpetual pulverization. During Schuman's premiership, the French Assembly was forcibly taken over by Communists. Trains were derailed, people killed in insurrectional strikes. Gaullists acted together with them to overturn parliamentary democracy. To some, revolution would overturn fragile governments in Paris and Rome as the Soviets had in the Baltics, Warsaw, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest and Prague.
Europe's crisis seemed unending. One think tank after grilling politicians and military published a report forecasting that Europe would descend into a morass of war and poverty unknown for five hundred years! The United States, despite the Marshall Plan and NATO would be unable to prevent this slide into chaos, the Foreign Policy Association said.
No power on earth can remedy Europe’s impoverishment as a result of two world wars.” The only policy was to try to reduce human destruction. “Whatever we do Europe will have to adjust itself to a radically altered world economic situation and face the fact that the singularly favourable position it has enjoyed for five centuries … is now drawing to a close.”
When did the FPA publish this report on Europe and the United States? March 1950! That was hardly more than a month before Robert Schuman announced on 9 May the Schuman Plan for a European Community that changed the face of the planet. Europe entered the longest period of peace in more than 2000 years.
France, Italy and the Benelux countries entered a boom period known as the Thirty Glorious Years. Germany, that was now able to join the Community, experienced the Economic Miracle, the Wirtschaftswunder.

Obviously Europe has been taking a wrong track since then.
Let’s take another example. One hundred years ago there were 60,000 Jews in Israel retaining the legal claim to their heritage. They were an 8 percent minority, oppressed and exploited to penury by the Ottoman Turkish Caliphate. Except where they had reclaimed the land, the economy was flat, the land barren and lifeless. Scarcely anyone wanted to live there.
The American writer, Mark Twain visited to the Holy Land in 1867. He described it as follows:
"..... A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds... a silent mournful expanse.... a desolation.... we never saw a human being on the whole route.... hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country." (The Innocents Abroad, p. 361-362)
Today that barren land has blossomed "like a rose." Millions of trees have been planted. Industries unknown in history are thriving. In a century it has become the powerhouse of the Middle East. It has a scientific, complex, hi-tech economy with a GDP per person equal to Europeans. That is twice of any other of the region’s States except the cartel of oil and gas exporters. There too often Islamic ideology still holds force.
Both Europe under the Schuman Plan and Israel did something right to defy the irrational Marxian philosophy. Judeo-Christian philosophy.
But maybe the European Commission should take another look at Marx. Groucho Marx.

He said:
"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."

08 March, 2018

Trump's Steel challenge exposes EU as "bent and crooked"

What is the greatest danger to European democracy today?
We see Italy voting in a potent mix of anti-Brussels parties, hostile to the euro. We see the UK – that calls itself the Mother of Parliaments – wanting to leave the EU. We see central and eastern European countries in revolt at the ill-thought out migration policies. We see Brussels wanting to take action against Poland for not respecting judicial independence and submitting to the EU. In Germany the traditional governmental parties of the CDU/CSU and then Socialists received record low and declining support at the polls in the face of those who want a real alternative.
None of these are the real problem. They are the symptoms of a wider malaise.
Brussels is sick.
Who is able to diagnose it? Dr Schuman. That is, Robert Schuman D Jur, the architect of today’s developing democracy. This year is the 70th anniversary of the proposal of Schuman’s first government in France on 24 July 1948 to create a European Assembly and a Customs Union. It is the anniversary that Brussels is not celebrating. That should tell us something is awry. The sickness is well advanced.
What did Schuman say was the greatest danger for Europe’s democratic institutions? What did he write in his book, Pour l’Europe (For Europe)?
What is the disease?
“Administrative ankylosis is the primary danger that threatens our supranational services,” he wrote p146.
Ankylosis: from Greek meaning bent or crooked. Stiffness of the joint due to abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of the joints which may be the result of injury or disease.
Is there a clear example of this dangerous crookedness to democracy in Europe?
Who is the most powerful person in the European Union? Many people would say the president of the European Commission. The Commission alone has the legal authority to make proposals for European laws and regulations. That exclusivity is there for a very good reason. The treaties stipulate that the Commission is the Honest Broker for Europe, a totally impartial adjudicator and a fair, pragmatic judge authorized by the States to solve their disputes, analyze their real peaceful interests and direct their attention to challenges of a common future. The treaties say the position of Commissioner is open to any honest, independent European citizen, not just this new, self-appointed Politburo.
But what if the Commission – the Conscience of Europe and guardian of public interests – is taken over by biased, partisan groups? That is the first step setting Europe on a disastrous path of contention and dissension. That is what we are witnessing now from UK in the West to Greece in the East, from the North to Italy in the South. The Commission has been captured by political party, mainly the European People’s Party (EPP) but working in conjunction with other parties to share the spoil. They cut deals that benefit the new Politburo against many sections of the public, who are then named “nationalists”, “populists,” “racists” or some sort of defamatory label.
First let us deal with what is bent. The fraudulent Spitzenkandidaten system hoisted Jean-Claude Juncker into office, after being unseated as prime minister of Luxembourg. According to the spirit and letter of the Treaties, it was a wrong move.
An active politician as president of the Commission is equivalent to an alcoholic in charge of a Teetotal Society asking members to deposit their drinks with him. He also has to be willingly blind to ignore the oath of office that he swears before the European Court of Justice, an oath more severe in its demands for impartiality and punctilious than the judges themselves. He is supposed to be the just Arbitrator of national interests and also of the interests of entrepreneurs, workers and consumers across Europe.
Today we have the spectacle of how the Commission reacts to the announcement of President Trump that he will restrict imports of steel and aluminium from Europe. What is the reaction of president Juncker?
He had a private meeting with Lakshmi Mittal, the chief of ArcelorMittal, by far the largest steel producer in the world. Where is this enterprise headquartered? Luxembourg , the home of Mr Juncker. Steel affects many sectors. Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström says the coming steel crisis will be a “serious blow for workers”.
Were the representatives of workers present at the meeting? No.
Were the representatives of steel consumers present at the meeting with Juncker and Mittal? No.
This is even more ominous as Mittal’s firm has been convicted multiple times of cartel activity, economic fraud. For two decades it ripped off the consumer in the “Club Zurich” or “Club Europe” together with 16 other steel producers. At least 36 companies were involved in 550 cartel meetings. In 2011 it was fined hundreds of millions of euros by the EU.
At the time the Commission was in shock.
“It is amazing how such a significant number of companies abused nearly the entire European construction market for such a long time and for such a vital product. This was almost as if they were acting in a planned economy, ” said Joaquín Almunia, Commission Vice-President in charge of Competition, adding: “the Commission will have no sympathy for cartelists; recidivists will be fined more and inability-to-pay claims will be accepted only when it is clear the fine would send a company into bankruptcy, which is rare even in the current difficult times”.
So what on earth is the Commission President doing compromising the integrity and reputation of the Commission? How can the Commission bring in proposals to satisfy all European citizens and associations? Such private meetings with convicted cartel fraudsters would not be permitted under the European Coal and Steel Community. (The politicians saw that the Treaty of Paris was not renewed in 2002.)
The treaties provide that all such economic discussions should be in public in a consultative Committee called the Economic and Social Committee, EESC.
Was the EESC called? No. (The EESC has never been properly elected as the Treaties allow in its entire existence.)
It has become impossible for the “political Commission” any longer to have the trust of the people of Europe.
The Commission has no shame at this collusion with cartels. Every week, the Commission publishes a listing of several hundred meetings of Commissioners with lobbyists, national, foreign, industrial, financial, political, and heads of governments.
What goes on in these meetings? No one knows. The doors are shut. No reports are provided, except perhaps stating that the participants are “old friends”.
Do 500 million Europeans trust such “friends”?

24 February, 2018

Who rules the EU? 382 plotters! 500 million voters excluded!

The EU is the richest union and the world’s biggest exporter. It has a combined GDP of some $18 Trillion.
EU’s population is 510 million.
The most powerful political office is that of president of the European Commission.
Now, how many citizens elected this person into office in 2014?
Hundreds of millions? No.
A few million? No.
A few hundred thousand? No.
Actually 382 people. That’s all.
Who were they?They were party apparatchiks.
They voted for one of their own officials to be the president.
In all the European Union, that was the only ballot that had anything to do with electing the Commission president. It was not a national ballot. It was private.
Not one citizen when he or she went to the polls in 2014 was given a ballot paper for the President of the European Commission. Not one.
Doesn’t that seem a little unfair on the 510 million? Not one got to vote for Mr Jean-Claude Juncker!
Yes. And it is also illegal.
Exclusion also attacks the fundamental rights of those 510 million citizens. The party politicians who are supposed to be the people who protect the Human Rights of the people were shown to be more than derelict in their duty. They were complicit in the obliteration of citizens’ Human Rights. They stopped public participation in the democratic institutions of the EU. In the past the Commission was composed totally of non-politicians. Why? Because the treaties said and still say that Commissioners must be non-partisan and independent.
Who were these 382 super-electors? They were apparatchiks of the largest political party in the EU – the European People’s Party. That is an utter disgrace. The EPP, formerly the Christian Democrats, was the party of Robert Schuman the initiator of European Democracy and the European Community. They have turned it into a Politburo. They met, not in Brussels, Paris or Berlin, but in Ireland.
The European People's Party is now involved in something worse than the fraudulent People’s Democracies of the Soviet era. The whole Politburo used to vote 100% for their leaders. The EU candidate who gained those 382 votes in Dublin did not even gain a majority of the votes of the EPP apparatchiks. There were 812 delegates but 181 refused to vote. Mr Juncker gained the support of less than half of his own party!
A democratic election for half a billion people and 28 democracies? More like an oligarchy, the rule of the few.
To make their system fully understood by English-speakers, they call it the Spitzenkandidatensystem! Spitzenkandidat can be translated Lead Candidate or more accurately in this case, Top Apparatchik.

So the European people were given a candidate who was a party apparatchik and who could not even raise a full majority of his colleagues in support. 
Is there a paper trail for this multi-trillion dollar crime? If the EU had had a "normal" election there would be evidence -- ballots. If that were the case then the European electors would have had printed ballot papers saying "European Commission President" and listing names. None exists!
It gets worse. The second part of the fraud was to maintain that whichever party got the most votes in the European Parliament elections had the right to have their apparatchik picked as the president of the Commission. Nothing in the treaties says this.
Listen to this.

“Europeans want the EU to help them, not dictate to them. This was clear through the rise of anti-EU parties; the fall in turnout in the majority of countries and the decline in support for the European parliament’s largest political groups
“This Spitzenkandidat concept was never agreed by the European Council. It was not negotiated between the European institutions. And it was never ratified by national parliaments.”

Who said that? UK Prime Minister David Cameron after the 2014 elections. He warned that the more Europeans considered themselves the victims of such a “back door power grab” then the rule of law itself is threatened.

“Juncker did not stand anywhere and was not elected by anyone. To accept such a claim would be deeply damaging for Europe and would undermine, rather than strengthen, the EU’s democratic legitimacy.”

Prime Minister Cameron is saying that the entire system of European Democracy is now being undercut. Democracy is in danger! Supposedly an election took place with no ballots! Mr Cameron also vetoed the candidature of Mr Juncker in the European Council. In the past that would have been the end of such a candidate. Any State has the right and duty to veto a candidate if he or she was not thought honest, trustworthy and impartial. 
Instead, two years later on 23 June 2016 Mr Juncker wielded his veto. When the United Kingdom voted LEAVE in a non-binding referendum, Mr Juncker, within hours of the result, insisted that the UK must leave 'as soon as possible no matter how painful the process may be'. 
There is no legal justification for that. 
Nor for his Commission Presidency scam.
In fact the treaties say exactly the opposite. It is illegal.
No active politician can become a member of the Commission. The Commissioners have to take an oath of office before the Court of justice. It is stricter than the oath of the judges! It says that they are “completely independent” and “neither seek nor take instructions from any government or from any other institution, body, office or entity.” Yet they stay active politicians! They hold party cards.
Before each European Council they get into a pow-wow with their fellow politicians and ministers. If that is not for seeking or taking instructions, what else is it? Why don’t they refuse and go and read a book instead?
The other parties mainly all covered themselves with shame and fraud. Some however refused absolutely to go along with this pretense. They said the treaties give absolutely no support for the Top Apparatchik or Spitzenkandidat system.
The socialist leader, Martin Schulz, its only candidate, was complicit in the fraud. He declared in the most public way, that by a sleight of hand “We achieved a change in the Treaty without treaty change!” That’s like saying we now own your house by magic without buying it because we created our own powers to do so. The treaty is the only contract that gives politicians any power at all. And it has to be agreed by the people.
Neither the British Conservatives nor the British Labour party participated in the scam. They knew they would be excoriated by the British media if they said told such obvious lies and fibs. None of the British ballot papers or the ballot papers in any other country said anything about voting for the president of the Commission on a Spitzenkandidatsystem.
There is another reason too. While the EPP remains the dominant party in the European Parliament, as it has done for many years, there is absolutely no chance for a Briton ever to become the president of the European Commission.
The Spitzenkandidat system totally excludes Britons and Britain from this important office. Forever!
No wonder – when they had a chance – Britons voted themselves OUT. The EU has now become the laughing stock of the world. Twenty eight democracies of Western Europe – who boast themselves as great democratic models are the victims of political fraudsters! Five hundred million citizens taken for a ride! Democracies can’t even resist such palpable political corruption and fraud!
The Brussels Apparatchiks last year spent millions on #EU60, a bogus birthday of their institutions. This year they ignored the most important anniversary in Europe’s history#EU70. The date of 1948 was when Schuman’s government proposed Europe have its first democratic assembly and common market!
It is little wonder that the Brussels Politburo have buried in depths, the correct way to impartially select a Commission president and allow 100 percent participation of the citizens.
Citizens should ask their representatives to explain just how the Founding Fathers  democratically chose the first President ... and see if they really know!
Martin Selmayr, Juncker's campaign manager pictured above, became his powerful chief of staff when Juncker became the Commission President. Juncker appointed him on 21 February 2018 as the new Secretary General of the European Commission, its top eurocrat. Guess who many in the EPP now want for the next Commission president! The man who lost the 2014 EPP cabal "election" – Michel Barnier, now the Commission’s Mr Brexit!

30 January, 2018

Death of TransAtlantic Democracies? USA and EU in danger!

Seventy years ago, the French Prime Minister Robert Schumanwas faced with two major dangers to the State. A powerful Communist party plotted with the Kremlin to draw France behind the Iron Curtain. On the right, nationalist and Gaullist forces wanted to replace party politics with an autocracy. Instead Schuman not only thwarted their conspiracies but laid the foundations of democracy in France and more importantly in Europe. #EU70 celebrates this birth of European democracy. Schuman created the conditions for thirty years of 5 percent growth and prosperity.
His secret? Europe should be self-governed by free citizens with five OPEN institutions, not by Machiavellian politburos. All governments can tend to self-serving despotism. How can it be combatted? Individuals, associations and nations must be allowed to express their views and interests in open, democratic investigative debate and decision-making.
Today Europe and USA are the major powers on earth. That position is being attacked again by internal and external enemies. Europe is faced with the antidemocratic manipulation of Schuman’s key innovation in Europe’s supranational democracy. The European Commission is meant to be totally non-political and non-partisan. It should acts a Jury and Honest Broker for all Europeans. De Gaulle wished to turn the European Commission into his political secretariat. The neo-Gaullist take-over of the European Commission is being attempted by a Politburo, known as the Spitzenkandidat system. Contrary to the European treaties, it disenfranchises nearly all European citizens in favour of a secretive group of unelected politicians. It turns an impartial Jury into their political cartel.
In the next few days and weeks, the greatest earthquake in America’s democratic history is likely to explode. This will expose the complicity and capture of US intelligence agencies — which are supposed to be fighting crime. Evidence in Top Secret documents, now published, reveals how the agencies top brass subverted the data gathering and spying into the domestic political arena. President Donald Trump is set to require the Justice Department to authorize the release of a a further memo summarising the whole affair. The Department of Justice is reluctant to force this process of justice. Why? Because the Obama Justice Department seems up to its neck in this abuse of power and crimes of State.
However the Washington Post is now recording that President Trump will insist on publishing the four-page summary of thousands of pages of the allegedly criminal and traitorous goings-on. The material is far more explosive than Watergate. It was prepared by the House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep Devin Nunes, after reading the ‘jaw-dropping’ Top Secret material. It will reveal:
  • Who is behind the Dirty Dossier that tried to implicate Trump with Moscow prostitutes,
  • Who paid for the dossier,
  • Which private companies were illegally given citizens’ private data,
  • What was the relationship with its author British spy Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton,
  • How much the Democratic National Committee was involved,
  • Whether the dossier was ever vetted,
  • Whether the dirty dossier was used in court proceedings to spy on Trump,
  • What the surveillance court said about this attempt to use spy data in politics,
  • Who was behind the antidemocratic plot.
What we know so far.
On 17 November 2016, right after the election, the NSA (National Surveillance Agency) head Admiral Rogers warned President Trump that his transition team in Trump Towers was under surveillance by the FBI and CIA. The CIA, the external spy agency, is not allowed by law to spy on American citizens. Nor is the FBI allowed to spy on innocent citizens without a warrant. But the NSA had detected unusual activity in the data scoops. However nothing stops the CIA from asking a friendly foreign spy agency to spy on American citizens. But it is also illegal for any US agency to pass secrets on to private spy groups like Fusion GPS — who created the Russian dossier.
That’s when Trump spoke out. However, like a chorus, the main news media called this ‘Fake `news’.
Some Fake News!
Some Fake Media!
For eight years the media had been accustomed to the Obama presidency using the the agencies and supposedly impartial ministries for political purposes. Were the US main-stream media being paid to take this anti-Trump position and ignore any news investigation? The media reported that a Trump victory was impossible.
REUTERS OCTOBER 10, 2016 / 5:56 PM

As of last week, Clinton’s White House chances 95 percent: Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation

Even after the election, the Democrats, in cahoots with the agencies, thought that they would be able to control Trump or get him out by fair means or foul.
One attempt was to use the Fake Russian Dossier, prepared by private sector spy company, Fusion GPS, and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) paid for by the corrupt, now defunct, Clinton Foundation. The Foundation was then dictating Democratic Party management and money.
The farcical dirty dossier story was that Trump had been recorded by Russian intelligence when he hired prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. Trump was not that naive. He had warned his own staff against doing such stupid things in Russia. Besides, Trump declared, he was a bacteriophobe. He would not by any means get involved in the unhygienic practices in the dossier. The germs came from the Swamp.
Trump’s efforts to ‘clean up the Washington Swamp‘ could have major positive effects in helping Europe’s flagging democracy. Decades of bipartisan political fraud on both sides of the Atlantic could be exposed to public debate. The media may also begin to act as an investigative guardian of democracy rather than purveyor of ‘Fake News‘.
The Fake Dossier not only proved itself a fraud but backfired on its authors, showing it was a Clinton political fix-up and implicating the intelligence agencies as well.
When NSA’s Admiral Mike Rogers tried to bring the illegality of the CIA data sweeps before the intelligence court, the CIA tried to pre-empt him. The intelligence court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, known as the FISA court, rejected the proposal to agree to massive data hoovering of main info networks. The CIA tried to bolster its case by implicating Donald Trump as a Russian agent. Unfortunately for the plotters, there was not the slightest evidence. So a high level group in the CIA added the fake Russian dossier for a deeper sweep.

A 99 page court judgement was recently declassified, with key names still blacked out.

This is the Top Secret Memo giving the Opinion and Legal Order of the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court with the request initially under President Barack Hussein Obama for the spy Agencies spy to authorise surveillance not only Candidate Donald J Trump but President Trump and many US citizens.
The Spy Agencies concerned are Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA, external security), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, US domestic agency), National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC).
The ‘section 702‘ submissions — permissions to spy externally or domestically on proven national security grounds — were made initially in September 2016 when Trump was a candidate for US presidency and, when this was turned down, a second one was made based on a Fake Dossier.
The Fake Dossier was added to give some substance to alleged Russian collusion with Trump — for which no evidence was able to be produced by the agencies. It is alleged that the Fake Dossier was originally put together anti-Trump Republicans and then paid for by the Democratic National Council, which was at the time controlled by Candidate Hillary Clinton, plus the FBI. For more information on the four page memo produced by Rep Nunes team, check #releasethememo .

09 January, 2018

#EU70: the triple birth of Europe

What was the most important date in post-war European history? Some historians would say all European history as it changed Europe for ever.
Who made the real turning point where his government created a democratic solution for the whole Continent, its politics, economics and its defence?
Robert Schuman in 1948!
EU70 comes the year after EU’s Brussels “elite” mistakenly celebrated EU60!
The distinguished French professor of history, Jean-Baptiste Duroselle said that the date of 20 July 1948 must be considered as the real turning point of European history. It was a new point of departure.
“For the first time a government officially presented a project aimed at the construction of Europe. While the idea of supranationality was not clearly delineated, it seems that the project implied it. Before 1914, Europe was only conceived in terms of equilibrium or balance of power.”
At the start of the 20th century, the system of alliances Europe into two blocs, he wrote. The European equilibrium, was, as US President Wilson stated, the deep cause of the Great War. The interwar initiative of Briand tried to shape an entity called Europe within the global system of the League of Nations. Aristide Briand did not propose something new. To attribute the paternity of a governmental initiative for present-day European construction to Briand would be to commit a dangerous anachronism, warned Duroselle.

After World War II ended, Europeans started to turn their minds to rebuilding the ruins of broken cities and industries. But they were immediately faced with other matters of life and death. The Soviet Union, USSR, occupied eastern and central Europe. During the war, Communist party cadres from Germany, Poland, Hungary and other countries were trained in Moscow about how to seize power at war’s end. They knew where the main levers of power were in each country and how to subvert parliaments even with a small Communist party.
As Winston Churchill put it in his famous Fulton, Missouri speech on the Iron Curtain on 5 March 1946:
“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia, all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Soviet sphere, and all are subject in one form or another, not only to Soviet influence but to a very high and, in some cases, increasing measure of control from Moscow. … The Communist parties, which were very small in all these Eastern States of Europe, have been raised to pre-eminence and power far beyond their numbers and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control. Police governments are prevailing in nearly every case, and so far, except in Czechoslovakia, there is no true democracy.”
He added:
“The safety of the world, ladies and gentlemen, requires a new unity in Europe, from which no nation should be permanently outcast. It is from the quarrels of the strong parent races in Europe that the world wars we have witnessed, or which occurred in former times, have sprung.”
A few days later on Bastille Day that year Churchill met with Robert Schuman in Metz, France and delivered his first great European speech. Schuman was then Minister of Finance for France. France was in deep danger of being sucked into the Soviet sphere. The French Communist party was the country’s largest. It tried to take over parliament. US diplomats warned President Truman that France too could fall. But by late 1947, Schuman had become Prime Minister. He showed iron-willed opposition to Communist threats, revolutionary strikes and sabotage.
Schuman also prevented a future war by gradually changed the nationalistic policies of the Gaullists who wanted a land-grab of territory up to the Rhine. De Gaulle was no longer in power but was still a powerful influence in parliament and in mass rallies. De Gaulle’s followers tried opportunistically to bring down the Schuman government by voting and working in lock-step with the Communists’ insurrection.
In the last days of his first government, Schuman made a decisive step that has affected all Europeans ever since. First, his government, working with UK’s foreign Minister, Ernest Bevin, created a defensive pact, known as the Brussels Treaty Organization. Ostensibly, the pact of France, UK and the Benelux countries was to guard against further German aggression. Schuman’s foreign minister Georges Bidault was very nervous about openly declaring it was to prevent Soviet invasion. Schuman much less so.
On 19-20 July 1948 Bidault delivered Schuman’s message to the foreign ministers of the Brussels Pact, meeting in The Hague. It astounded them too. Bidault described Belgium’s foreign minister, Paul-Henri Spaak as a man hard to surprise. On making his speech, Bidault said his eyes were extraordinarily round with shock.
“We are at a moment, perhaps unique in history, where it is possible to create Europe,” said Bidault.
He made two propositions.
The first proposition was to create a European parliamentary assembly. It would be made up initially of parliamentarians of national bodies and also open to other nations who wished to apply. The second was for an economic and customs union for the six countries, to which other nations could apply to join.
“Thus in the economic sphere the Common Market was created and from the political perspective, the Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. In spite of all later obstacles and violent opposition to these two ideas, both of them have flourished,” Bidault wrote.
A third major institution arose out of Schuman’s initiative at the Brussels Pact. Washington required a demonstration of Europeans’ willingness to defend itself before it could politically commit its forces to Europe again. With the Berlin blockade that year, and following Schuman’s lead, talks began with USA and Canada to create NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It entered force around the same time as the Council of Europe began its sessions in summer 1949.
This year 2018 represents the 70th birthday of that positive turning point, #EU70.

13 December, 2017

EU: End 50 years of OPEC Foreign Policy Blackmail

Speaking after the visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Brussels, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Frederica Mogherini made an astonishing declaration of ignorance.
“We always say that the Two State Solution is the only realistic one,” she said. “I have not heard by anyone or from anyone, not only in the last weeks but in the last decades any other idea than Two States to preserve Israeli security. The Palestinians need to have their own country under their own authority.” One reinforced with Hamas, weaponized by Iran, and aimed at the destruction of Israel? Or one with a democratic, peaceful government that does not glorify terrorism and holocaust denial?
Urging the EU to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Mr Netanyahu said: “While I respect Europe, I am not prepared to accept a double standard from it.”
It is a pity the Israeli Prime Minister does not make more frequent visits to point out Europe’s blatant hypocrisy. The previous visit by an Israeli prime minister was 22 years ago. So much for the allegedly powerful Israeli lobby! The PA’s unelected Mr Abbas, recipient of EU millions, comes quite regularly without stopping at the press room to explain why he pays salaries to those who murder children.
Under the British Mandate, “Palestinian” was the term for JEW! Hence we could also add to hypocrisy theft of nationality (by the Soviet KGB Disinformation service). “Palestinians” are not mentioned in the famous 1967 UN Resolution 242. Why? Because they did not exist.
The real Palestinians had changed their nationality to Israeli.
In 1964 Egypt’s dictator Nasser and the Soviet communists invented the Palestine Liberation Organization to arabize and communize the entire territory of the Palestinian Mandate. That included the “kingdom” across the Jordan!
For a viable solution perhaps High Representative Mogherini should look further back in time. Let’s say before she was born in 1973. Perhaps she should also look at home, to the European Community system itself, the astonishing Schuman Plan principle! That brought real change and peace to former Nazis, communists and antisemites! It attacked the core problem.
The Community System has powerful tools to disarm globalist cartels — international cartels that control Europe’s economy and finance and block free media. They were among the main causes of two world wars. The Community created the world’s first international anti-cartel system. BUT IT IS NOT BEING USED AGAINST THE OIL CARTEL.
Jerusalem politics has become Europe’s Stupid Zone. Europe proved many, many times that the “Two State Solution” does not work. European experience extends not just over the last decades but over a period of more than two thousand years!
The Two State Solution coincides with the first major attempt to blackmail Western Europe’s Foreign Policy. It dates from the 1967 Six Day war.
This year is the fiftieth birthday! Oil Blackmail will not bring peace!
It should be recalled that in 1967, there was little that could be called European Foreign Policy. Foreign policy was a national affair. The European Communities provided the only legitimate authority and framework. They could make international agreements only in very specific sectors.
The European Coal and Steel Community was founded when coal was the main fuel in Europe. Euratom was created to exploit the oil-free energy of the nuclear industry and provide for nuclear non-proliferation. The European Economic Community with its Customs Union brought the dimension of international trade agreements. Only these three Communities could make legal, European law.
The founding father of European unity, Robert Schuman (initiator of the European Communities, the Council of Europe, NATO) was sensitive to real Arab interests. Algeria was then an integral part of France. France had colonies and protectorates along the Mediterranean and in Africa. But with judgement of a fine lawyer, he was pro-Israel and pro-truth. He was Prime Minister in the crucial period of November 1947 to July 1948, and Foreign Minister from 1948 to 1953. He instructed France to cast its United Nations vote in favor of Israel.
Warnings were made in the 1950s about Europe’s increasing reliance on oil. The 1956 Suez crisis showed how fragile links to the Middle East oil were. However despite attempts of the good Europeans to face up to potential Islamist energy blackmail by combining the defense of the three Communities, the policy was blocked by one factor. General de Gaulle took power in 1957. He changed the foreign policy of energy-poor France from pro-Europe, pro-Israel to a pro-Arab one because of oil.
That was myopic.
In the 1967 oil crisis France got off the hook. But the Arab oil exporters wanted to use the Oil Weapon to change the foreign policy of the other major States. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, and Algeria stopped oil shipments to the United States, West Germany and United Kingdom (not yet a member of the Communities). Why? Because they didn’t insist Israel return to pre-1967 borders. And they weren’t friendly to Islamic indoctrination.
That is the real birth of oil blackmail aimed at dictating to the world an Islamist, anti-Israel foreign policy. Although the British came up with a two State solution first, it was as a temporary political measure.
In 1923 the British lobbed off the biggest chunk of the Palestine Mandate territory east of the Jordan and ‘gave’ it to the Hashemite Abdullah, expelled from Arabia and dismissed from Iraq. (They weren’t allowed to take over Syria.)
Bad move! That action was without full legal approval of the League of Nations. No other European State recognized the Trans-Jordan. Nor did Saudi Arabia under the Wahabis. Nor any other country who fancied getting some oil. Only Pakistan. In 1937 the British suggested a two State solution in the Peel White Paper to further skin Israel. It had no traction. In 1948 Hashemite Trans-Jordan illegally occupied half of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria
In 1973 the Arab Oil Exporting Countries (OAPEC) again deployed the Oil Weapon to change global politics. It first tried a total petroleum embargo for some States, cutting oil deliveries 5 percent per month for others. Then it quadrupled the price, reducing the European economy to shatters. It also imposed poverty and seemingly endless wars on developing countries. Then it quadrupled the prices again. So much for Saudi sympathy to fellow Arabs, and even less for Europeans.

If the EU foreign policy chief cannot imagine any other policy than Saudi Arabia’s anti-democratic Two State Solution, 1967 borders and divided Jerusalem, it is because she and many of her officials are now the defenders of Saudi oil blackmail policy. It rules in Europe and at the United Nations. They drank it in with their mother’s milk.
For decades after WW2, the price of oil was under two dollars a barrel. It gave Arab oil exporters fat profits, yachts and a playboy lifestyle. Two dollars then is equivalent to under 10 dollars today. Massive oilfields have since been discovered.
After WW2, thanks to the Community system, Europe’s growth was continuously more than 5 percent for thirty glorious years. De Gaulle put Europe’s anti-cartel tools in the wood shed, and shut the doors. Schuman was written out of history.
Europe became the passive victim of a Trillion Dollar Rip-Off.
The Oil Weapon and the Two State Solution Blackmail reduced the European economy to a horse-driven van. Foreign Policy became
“Yes, OPEC Cartel, sir, we believe in the Two State Solution and deny ourselves an independent opinion about Arabs, Islam, democracy, European values and truth! With oil, truth is so slippery! We dhimmis adhere to your Fake History and Fake News!”
Under the Oil Cartel OPEC, the price rose to near 150 dollars a barrel. At that point, the oil blackmail graft amounted to about ten percent of global GDP. Some blackmail! Saudi Aramco is the richest company in the world bar none. Europe became its dhimmis, its slaves and tax mules.
Wake up Europe! Put an end to hypocrisy and blackmail! Open the doors!

07 December, 2017

Trump highlights Jerusalem; EU warns of Dark Days ahead

When President Trump confirmed Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the EU warned of Dark Days ahead. Is Jerusalem the light of the world? Does it throw light on Europe's black record?
“President Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem has a very worrying potential impact,” EU’s Foreign Policy chief, Frederica Mogherini, said in Brussels. Making a surprise, unannounced visit to the EU Commission’s press room, she forecast that “it has a very fragile context and thus the potential to send us backwards to even darker times than the ones we are already living in.”
What on earth did she mean?
What are the darkest days of Europe’s post-war history? Has she forgotten? Oil is blacker than midnight.
Well she has an excuse. She was only a few months old at the time of the Yom Kippur war. That took place in October 1973. It was the year of blackest Blackmail.
Europe is still held hostage. Its Foreign Policy is still owned by the oil sheiks.
Proof? The Saudis and others turn the oil spigot off at will. The supply diminishes, the price rockets. The European consumer consistently pays six or eight times the free market price for petroleum. Or twenty times on occasion, a 2000 percent price hike! (Where a non-cartel oil producer sells on the free market a highly profitable price lies between between five to ten dollars a barrel.)
If the EU had a self-respecting Foreign Policy it would defend its citizens from such predatory international cartels as OPEC, now working in cahoots with Russia. Global cartels would not be artificially hoisting energy prices. They would not be attacking the European economy like blood-sucking leaches.
Second proof. The EU now feels confidence enough to bring anti-cartel measures against American-based modern industries such as Microsoft and Apple. But what about oil? For that the EU External Action Service has no fuel in its tank.
The high cost of imported energy amounts to two or three times the entire EU budget. It could be a fraction of that if the EU had a real Foreign Policy. Europeans would get a boost on a prosperous economic up-curve.
Third proof. The Community system has the power potential to stop international cartels. Action depends on the will of its foreign policy operators. At the start of the EU with its European Coal and Steel Community, ECSC, the Commission, then called the High Authority, dismantled the greatest threat to world war. Even in the early months of its action, it was able to dismantle the steel, coal and armaments cartels that were the cause not only of the WW2 but WW1. Robert Schuman created the ECSC and Euratom to enable Europe to be energy-independent. Today’s EU leaders think they know better.
In August 1973 Saudi's King Faisal warned USA and the world that it would use its Oil Weapon to break any country's independent foreign policy supporting Israel. Then came war. Following the October 1973 Egyptian attack on Israel, Arab nations were surprised then shocked to see Israel was not crumbling like tissue paper. In fact Israel was winning.
That was the year when the Arab OPEC countries attacked Europe. The Arab League told the Europeans that if they did not immediately cease from supporting Israel they would get not one drop of oil. They imposed a 100 percent embargo on Europe. No more oil. The European economy went into a nosedive. Some countries like the Netherlands and Denmark were totally dependent on Arab oil. They were only saved from utter ruin by emergency European measures and sharing, thanks to the European Community’s single market established in 1953.
Did the Europeans stand up with back straight and tell the sheiks where to go? What did they respond honestly and frankly to King Faisal who only a few years earlier, to show his civilization, had issued a decree outlawing slavery in his kingdom? At last! For the first time in a millennium thousands of slaves gained their freedom. During the 1967 Six Day War, the Arab oil exporters had already cut oil by 60 percent to Europe. Had the Europeans learned lessons about potential financial slavery in 1973?
A meeting of European foreign policy chiefs just a few weeks later on 5 November 1973 issued a Joint Declaration on the situation in the Middle East.
Defiance? A search for justice and truth? None of it. It spoke of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. That was the first time they had done so. And there is a good reason why. They bought a lie to get oil. They all knew how Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt maltreated and confined their so-called 'Palestinian refugees.'
Palestinians? Up to the Declaration of Independence by David Ben-Gurion’s government in May 1948, only Jews were known as Palestinians. They were people of the British Mandate for Palestine.

Under the British Mandate, Arabs preferred to be called by their tribes, Southern Syrians, Egyptians, Saudis or Bedouins. Readers of the Jerusalem Post should know that at this time it was known as the Palestine Post.
The parents of Moshe Dayan, hero of the Six Day War, held British passports declaring they were Palestinians.
DvoraDayan, Palestinian wife of a Palestinian Dvora Dayan, Palestinian wife of a       Palestinian
But the term Palestinian was not long thrown away in the dustbin of history. Nasser, the Egyptian dictator, working with the USSR Disinformation Department of the KGB pulled it out of the trash. The Arab League met in Cairo in 1964. They created the fake Palestine Liberation Organization, to foment trouble with the Soviets’ many other anti-colonist terrorist groups. After the 1967 war, the brutal Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat became its third chairman in 1969.
Remember at that time Palestine meant the geographical area of the British Mandate. In the League’s Mandate Article 7, ONLY Jews were given Palestinian citizenship!
This was agreed by the world's powers -- including the Arab States!
"Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine, which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, within such boundaries as may be fixed by them; and
Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and
Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country;     ...


The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine."
The Palestinian National Charter or Convention glosses over any precise legal and political issues, and legitimate identity, by confounding the geographical term with broad brush appeal to the Arab nation. Warning! Disinformation and Fake History!
There was never in history an Arab nation called Palestine or an Arab people called Palestinians. Neither was Jerusalem ever a capital of an Arab State. It is the 3000 year old capital of Israel that is today legally occupied.  No "Palestinians" are mentioned in the famous 1967 UN Resolution 242. Why? No such people existed! Jordanians, the Hashemite Arabs expelled from Mecca who illegally occupied the vast, eastern Mandate trans-Jordan territory, had in 1948 occupied Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem illegally and militarily.
Warning! Disinformation uses the same words but changes their meanings. The Palestinian National Charter or Convention glosses over any precise legal and political issues, and legitimate identity, by confounding the geographical term with broad brush appeal to the Arab nation.
There was never in history an Arab nation called Palestine or an Arab people called Palestinians. Neither was Jerusalem ever a capital of an Arab State. It is the 3000 year old capital of Israel that is today legally occupied. No “Palestinians” are mentioned in the famous 1967 UN Resolution 242. Why? No such people existed! Jordanians occupied Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem illegally.

Article 1:
Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation.
Article 2:
Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit.

It is this poisoned, drugged cake that the Europeans began to bite into when they made a Joint Declaration, under the informal, non-legal framework known as Political Cooperation.
Having seen the Europeans scattered like flocks of sheep before ravenous wolves, an Arab delegation descended uninvited on the European Summit at Copenhagen on 14-15 December 1973. I witnessed the shock of European leaders! They were discussing 'European identity'. In a reference to the planned new holocaust of Jews and the near lethal attack on European economy, they referred to these black events with diplomatic circumlocution as the 'energy crisis'.
"The Heads of State or Government considered that the situation produced by the energy crisis is a threat to the world economy as a whole, affecting not only developed but also developing countries."
As the Arabs worried that total subjection of the European economy might slip out of their control, as other energy sources became available, OPEC quadrupled the price of oil to turn open blackmail into long-term financial blackmail. Then they slapped Europe again to make Europeans sure they knew who was boss. The prices were quadrupled again in 1979, reducing Europe’s huge financial surplus to desperation and impoverishment.
The other side of the ledger is bulging. The multi-trillion dollar Saudi Aramco is by far the richest company in the world. It has ample resources to pay the best public relations and media. It can easily oil the wheels of politics. Such was the way in the 1960s when PR firms recast the embarrassing terminology that the United Nations had used. Samaria (the capital province of the Israelites) and Judea (the tribal land of the Jews) became the West Bank.
  In July of the black year of 2008, the Islamist wrecking ball smashed again. It took a decade to wind up OPEC's explosive demolition machine. Twice as high as before!

The petroleum cartel jacked the price up to 147 dollars a barrel. It pilfered from the world economy more than ten percent of global GNP. Again the world fell into destitution. (In 1972 oil was under two dollars!)
But recent events have cooled this theft. Shale oil and gas and the arrival at last of more intelligent energy sources threaten the future of the blackmailers. Hence the major changes in the Arab world.

Europeans are slow and too arthritic to escape from hostage today. Mme Mogherini’s reaction is typical of the Stockholm syndrome of captives defending the hostage-taker. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson needs to spend more time in Brussels to bring those living in the dark into the light of day.
May the captives gain their freedom!